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1. Mediterranean Sea

- An inland sea that borders Europe, Southwest Asia, and Africa. (p. 274)

2. Peninsula

- A body of land surrounded by water on three sides. (p. 274)

3. Plain

- A large flat area of land that usually does not have many trees (p. 275)

4. City-State

- A central city and its surrounding villages, which together follow the same law, have one form of government and share language, religious beliefs, and ways of life (p. 279)

5. Polis

- The central city of a city-state. (p. 279)

6. Oligarchy

- (AHL ih GAHR kee) A government in which a few powerful individuals rule (p. 280)

7. Philosopher

- A person who studies and thinks about why the world is the way it is. (p. 281)

8. Acropolis

- A large hill in Ancient Greek cities used for shelter in time of war and as a meeting place to discuss current events

9. Agora

- central area in Greek cities used as a marketplace and meeting place

10. Citizen

- A legal member of a country (p. 20)

11. Monarchy

- Country ruled by a king or queen

12. Democracy

- A government that receives its power from the people. (p. 91)

13. Colony

- A territory that is under the control of another country

14. Assembly

- A lawmaking body of a country made up of citizens

15. Socratic Method

- A questioning technique where one question is answered by another question to discover the "truth"

16. Persian Wars

- A war between Greece and Persia; overall, Greece won

17. Peloponnesian War

- A "civil war" in Ancient Greece between Sparta and Athens; Sparta won

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