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In eukaroyotes, mitrochondria are the organelles primarily involved in
energy release/capture
lipids are the only class of macromolecules that contain
fatty acid tails
the ability of an enzyme to catalyze a reaction can be affected by chemical and physical factors such as
Ph, temperature, salt concentration and binding of specific regulatorty molecules
the sites where molecules other than substrates bind in an enzymes to alter its activity are called
activity sites
The simplest and the most common monosaccharodes is a six carbon sugar called
Compared with a PH of 7, a solution of PH 5 has
100 times the hydrogen concentration
Some proteins of the plasma membrane extend across the entire width of the membrane. These have been known to the function as
Nucleolus of the nucleus is the site of
ribosomes assembly
Which of the following is not a property of carbon
All the compounds made from carbon are soluble in water
For the process of diffusion to occur, molecules must
Move from areas of high concentration to areas of lesser concentrations until equilibrium is reached
Plant cells often have a large membrane bound sac that is used for storing water and other substances. This organelles is called
central vacuole
The dissacharide in milk to which some adults are allergic is called
Mitchrondria and chlorplast are the other organelles besides the nucleus that contain
Which of the following properties is not true of membrane phospholipids
Only the saturated fatty acids are always present
The specific amino acid sequence in a protein is its
primary structure
On the outer surface of the plasma membrane there are marker molecules that identify the cell type. Often these molecules are
Carbohydrate chains
Some single celled eukaroyotes remove the water entering by osmosis with a process called extrusion which involves
contractile vacuoles
Four of the following five choices are functions of carbohydrates. Select the exception
Glucose is a carbohydrate that is utilized by all life forms in the construction of nucleotides
Relatively small organic molecules with a central carbon atom which is bonded to a carboxyl group, amino group, a carbon containing group and a hydrogen atom are called
amino acids
Macromolecules are dissembled in
hydrolysis reactions
Some ribosomes are embedded into
rough endoplasmic reticulum
One type of biochemical pathway regulation is referred to as feedback inhibition. This means that as the
cell produces more quantity of product through a biochemical pathway, the build up of that product will inhibit the activity of the products production
Protein catalysts that speed up the various metabolic biological reactions in an organism are called
Biological membranes contain bilayers of which of the following lipids
which of the following is not one of the four most abundant (more than 99%) found in living things
A type of transport of a solute across a membrane up its concentration gradient using protein carriers driven by the expenditure if chemical energy is known as
active transport
which of the following is not present in all eukaroytic cells
cell wall
which of the following is not a macromolecules?
in the crystal matrix of ordinary salt, the sodium and chlorine are held together by
ionic bonds
Three fatty acids bonded together with a glycerol are found in
a triglyceride
which of the following natural phenomena are not a direct result of the properties of water
Insects that walk on water, sugar dissolving in a glass of ice tea
which of the following best depicts a diagram of enzmes and substrates when they react? Assume only forward reactions. Use the following to make your choice. E=enzymes, S=substrates,ES= enzyme substrate complex, P=products
When two atoms share a pair of electrons, the bonding is referred to as
the organic non protein components that aid in enzyme functioning are called
Enzymes have specific________ with which they interact
A new antibiotic has been developed that will use competitive inhibitor enzyme inhibition. This means that the
Antibiotic will complete for substrate binding sites on the enzyme
If a cell has the same concentration of dissolved molecules as of its outside environment the cell's condition is called as being
carbohydrates are polymers formed of structural units called
amino acids
The process often thought of as "cell eating" is
the following are all functions of a typical plasma membrane except
be permanent in composition
Alpha helix and beta pleated sheets are examples of which level of protein structure
capillary action is on of the forces that aids waters upward movement in plants. The more narrow the diameter of the tube, the farther the water column will rise. Capillary action is a result of water molecules
have an adhesive force, which allows them to attach to the vessel walls
flatten sacks of membranes apparently involved in the packing and export of molecules synthesized in the cell are known as
Golgi bodies
The inorganic non-proteins that participate in enzymes catalysis are known as
At the conclusion of an enzyme catalyzed reaction
it frees itself from the product and is ready to be reused
A chain of amino acids linked together end to end can only be found in
a polysaccharide
Proteins are polymers formed of structural units called
amino acids
which of the following is not property of water
Because oxygen is more electronegative than hydrogen, the water molecule is
in an enzyme catalyzed reaction the reactant is called the
Schiliden and Schwann stared the "cell theory" which in its modern form includes all of the following postulates except
all cells need oxygen
lipid synthesis occurs in which eukaryotic organelle
smooth ER
a cell physiologist treats a cell with a chemical that prevents entry of amino acids. Which organelle will be affected the most
Proteins possess all of the following functions except
cell recognition
in a chemical reaction in a living system, enzymes are used as catalysts. Which of the following statements about enzymes is incorrect
enzymes increase the energy of the activation necessity for a chemical reaction to go forward
Who first named cells
All of the following are examples of monomers polymer pairing except
glucose starch
The organelle involved in the oxygen requiring process by which the energy in macromolecules is stored in ATP is the
which of the following is not bounded by membranes
Membrane bound organelles that contain powerful enzymes found in cells are known as