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  1. amino acids
  2. abstinence
  3. urinalysis
  4. inhibition
  5. performance-enhancing drugs
  1. a the act of refraining from the use of alcohol and any other drug. It also refers to stopping addictive behaviors, such as overeating and gambling.
  2. b analysis of urine to test for drug use.
  3. c organic nitrogen compounds that are the building blocks for proteins; some serve as neurotransmitters.
  4. d a broad category of drugs and substances used to increase energy, endurance, and strength, e.g., steroids.
  5. e controlling and restraining instinctual, unconscious, or conscious drives especially if they conflict with society's rules.

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  1. the amount of a drug that can be absorbed into the body from a given dose.
  2. wood alcohol; used as a toxic industrial solvent; it can be synthesized.
  3. repetition of false memories.
  4. the use of a pin or other cracking device to puncture a can of nitrous oxide or other inhalant; a balloon is placed over the end of the can and the vapors are then inhaled.
  5. an Indian name for the leaves and stems of Cannabis (marijuana) plants; it is a mild form of marijuana that can be prepared for smoking, drinking, or ingestion.

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  1. antitussivethe psychological makeup of a person; the soul.


  2. "speed freaks"an old street term for methamphetamine abusers.


  3. titrationadjusting the dose of a drug to achieve a desired effect.


  4. alcohol-induced disordersthe soldiers who accompanied Spanish explorers and missionaries, mostly to the Americas, to search for wealth and to exploit and colonize new territories.


  5. beerDrug Enforcement Administration, the federal agency charged with the job of policing drug abuse.