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  1. amotivational syndrome
  2. PET (positron emission tomography) scan
  3. ale
  4. "pasta"
  5. "hit"
  1. a a dose of a drug.
  2. b Spanish for cocaine paste.
  3. c a lack of desire to complete tasks or to succeed; sometimes attributed to the long-term effects of marijuana.
  4. d a beer with a slightly more bitter taste and higher alcohol content than lager beer; uses the top fermentation process. The alehouse or pub and the use of ale rather than lager are prominent features of British life.
  5. e a brain imaging technique that uses the action of glucose to show brain activity.

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  1. a 12-step group for sex addicts.
  2. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.
  3. a by-product of smoking that is carcinogenic.
  4. an IV drug user who prefers the use of a syringe as a method of drug delivery; someone who has become addicted to using a needle to inject drugs.
  5. a diagnostic category in DSM-IV-TR that includes alcohol use disorders and alcohol-induced disorders.

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  1. ARRRTacronym for Acceptance, Reduction of stimuli, Reassurance, Rest, and Talk-down, steps for treatment of a bad psychedelic experience.


  2. euphoriathe largest gland in the body (2-4 lbs.); metabolizes protein and carbohydrates and most psychoactive drugs that pass through the blood, especially alcohol.


  3. P-300 wavesorganic nitrogen compounds that are the building blocks for proteins; some serve as neurotransmitters.


  4. bufotenineantihypertensive medication used to help block withdrawal symptoms from heroin, alcohol, sedatives, and even nicotine.


  5. delirianta pharmacologically inactive substance used to dilute a drug.