The Contest For Excellence - Chapter 2

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HopliteAncient Greek infantrymen equipped with large round shields and long thrusting spears.HubrisExcessive pride which, for the ancient Greeks brought punishment from the gods.MeticsForeign residents of Athens.MinoanA civilization that lived on the island of Crete from 2800 to 1450 B.C.MyceneanA civilization on the Greek peninsula that reached its high point between 1400 and 1200 B.C.OligarchyRule by a small group or by a particular social class--often wealthy middle classes, as in ancient Greek or medieval European cities.OstracismA political technique of ancient Greece by which people believed to be threats to the city-state were chosen for exile by popular vote.ParthenonA famous Doric temple of Athena on the Acropolis in ancient Athens.PhalanxAn ancient Greek formation of foot soldiers carrying overlapping shields and long spears.Polis, pl. PoleisAn ancient Greek city-state.Socratic methodThe method of arriving at truth by questioning and disputation.SophistsFifth-century B.C. Greek philosophers who were condemned for using tricky logic to prove that all things are relative and success alone is important.StrategoiGenerals in ancient Athens who eventually took a great deal of political power.UniversalA metaphysical entity that does not change, but that describes particular things on earth--for example, "justice" or "beauty." Explained by the ancient Greeks and examined by subsequent philosophers. (Also called "forms" or "ideas.")