CIST 1401 Section 2.1-2.5 PQ

Which of the following cable types often includes a solid plastic core that keeps the twisted pairs separated?
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F-Type connectors are typically used with cables using which of the following standards? (Select two)RG-59 and RG-6You are working with an older 10Base2 Ethernet network. Which of the following connector types will you most likely encounter?BNCYou have a small home network connected to the Internet using an RG-6 cable. You need to move the router connecting the network to the Internet, but can't find any RG-6 cable. Which cable types could you use instead?RG-59Which type of optical fiber is normally used to connect two buildings that are several kilometers apart?Single-modeWhich of the following are advantages of using fiber optic cabling for a network?Greater cable distances without a repeater Immunity to electromagnetic interferenceWhich of the following is true about single-mode fiber optic network cabling?The central core is smaller than standard multi-mode fiber optic cabling core.Of the following cables, which offer the best protection against EMI?Single-mode fiber opticWhich of the following connectors usually require polishing as part of the assembly process?SC and ST (Fiber optic connectors)Which of the following are characteristics of an LC fiber optic connector?They use a housing and latch system similar to an RJ45 UTP connector.Which of the following are characteristics of an MTRJ fiber optic connector?They can be used with multi-mode fiber optic cables. They use metal guide pins to ensure accurate alignment.Which of the following connectors is used with fiber optic cables and requires that you use a twisting motion to connect it?STWhich of the following connectors are used with fiber optic cables and include both cables in a single connector?MTRJ and LCWhich pins in an RJ45 connector are used to transmit data when used on a 100BaseT Ethernet network? (Choose two.)Pin 1 and Pin 2Which recommendation should you follow while using 110 blocks for connecting Cat 5 and higher data cables?Keep wire pairs twisted up to within one-half of an inch of the connector.You are building network cables and attaching RJ45 connectors to each end. Which tool do you need for this task?Crimping toolYou are working with 25 pair wires and 66 blocks. You have pushed the wires onto the 66 block, but now you need to cut off the excess end of each wire. Which tool should you use?Punch down toolWhat is the wire order for the T568B standard?White/orange Orange White/green Blue White/blue Green White/brown BrownWhat is the wire order for the T568A standard?White/green Green White/orange Blue White/blue Orange White/brown BrownWhich of the following methods would you use to create a crossover cable?Use the T568A standard on one connector and the T568B standard on the other connector.Which of the following is used to terminate individual wires from a 25 pair or 100 pair cable using female RJ45 ports?Patch panelWhich of the following describes the point where the service provider's responsibility to install and maintain wiring and equipment ends, and the customer's responsibility begins?DemarcYou have a network that occupies all three floors of a building. The WAN service provider has installed the line for the WAN service into the building in a wiring closet on the main floor. You have a wiring closet on the two remaining floors directly above the wiring closets on the main floor. What would you use to connect the wiring closets together?Vertical cross connectWhich of the following terms identifies the wiring closet in the basement or a ground floor that typically includes the demarcation point?MDF (Main Distribution Frame)You have a network that occupies both floors of a building. The WAN service provider has installed the line for the WAN service in a wiring closet on the main floor. You have a second wiring closet on the second floor directly above the wiring closet that holds the demarc. Which of the following terms describes the closet on the second floor?IDF (Intermediate Distribution Frame)You are working with an existing fiber optic installation in your building. You want to know the length of each cable that runs through the walls. Which tool should you use?OTDR (Optical Time-Domain Reflector)You manage a network that uses a 1000BaseT Ethernet. You find that one device communicates on the network at only 100 Mbps. Which tool should you use to test the drop cable and the connection to the network?Cable certifierYou have been asked to document the wiring in your building. You would like to identify the length of each Cat5 cable to verify that it meets Ethernet standards, but most cables run through walls and ceilings. This makes cables hard to trace. Which tool should you use?TDR (Time-Domain Reflector)You want to measure the voltage, amps, and ohms of various devices. Which tool should you use?MultimeterYou have a cable Internet connection at home. The installer had connected the router near the outside wall of your house with RG-6 cable. You move the cable router a distance of 50 meters using RG-8 cables and special connector adapters. Which condition are you most likely to experience?Echo; impedance mismatchYou use Cat5e twisted pair cable on your network. Cables are routed through walls and the ceiling. A user puts a screw in the wall to hang a picture and pierces the cable such that a signal sent on pin 1 arrives on the cable connected to pin 7. What term describes this condition?Short circuitUsers report that the Internet is no longer accessible. You suspect that the line connecting your building to the Internet is not working properly. Which of the following allows the service provider to remotely test the local loop?SmartjackWhich type of polish grade uses green-colored connectors to help you keep from using the wrong connector type?Angled Physical Contact (APC)You need to replace a fiber optic cable that is connecting two switches together. You inspect the existing cable and determine that it uses LC connectors. You also notice the cable's ferrule has a slight slant to it. Which polish grade should you use to replace the existing cable?Angled Physical Contact polishYou are troubleshooting a connectivity problem in which one client system is unable to connect to a server. Both the server and client system are connected to the same Ethernet network switch. No other users have complained of a problem, and you suspect the faulty network cabling might be to blame. Which of the following steps are you most likely to perform first?Use a cable tester to test the cable between the computer system and the network switch.While viewing the status of the interfaces on a Cisco switch, you see an abnormally large number of CRC errors on one interface. This interface is connected to a user's workstation located in a cubicle on the 2nd floor. What could be causing this to happen?A strong EMI emitter near the cable run connected to the interface.You are building a network with a fiber optic backbone. You acquire a switch and GBIC modules that use MTRJ connectors. You then purchase several multi-mode patch cables. When they arrive, you notice they use LC connectors. Will this implementation work?No, you should purchase patch cables that use MTRJ connectors. Using the wrong connector will result in misaligned fibers and disrupt the light signal.You are building a network with a fiber optic backbone. You purchased several used single-mode GBIC modules that you will install in each router to allow them to connect to the switch. Both the switch and the GBIC modules use MTRJ connectors. You connect each module to the switch with 1-meter multi-mode patch cables. Will this implementation work?No, you shouldn't use multi-mode patch cables with single-mode GBIC modules. Some GBIC/SFP modules use multi-mode fiber, while others use single-mode. You must use the correct type of fiber optic cable and connector required by the specific adapter. Using different types of cables can result in signal loss.