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Most people don't change jobs throughout their lives.
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It is acceptable to list volunteer jobs on your resume/job application, but paid employment should be listed firstTrueIndividuals who are qualified and willing to provide information about you to a potential employer are identified as __________________.referencesWhich of the following is true? All tip income is taxable Only tips paid in cash are taxable. Only tip income reported on Form W-2 is taxable. Tip income isn't taxableAll tip income is taxableThe Wage and Tax Statement is also known asW-2You should never write a letter of resignation when leaving a job.FalseThe amount of wages you earn in a certain time period before any deductions or taxes taken out is called ____________.gross payEmployees paid a set sum of money per week, month, or year instead of an hourly wage are called ______________salariedWhich of the following does an employer not owe its workers? unions training and supervision protection from discrimination safe working conditionsUnionsIs Google Docs a web browser?noTo determine the amount of income tax to withhold from your paycheck, the employer must consider much money you makeWhich of the following would not be included in standards of conduct? playing after-hours racquet ball sexual harassment alcohol use computer useplaying after-hours racquet ballA trial period during which your performance on the job is evaluated is called _________________________.probationWhen you pay company expenses and the company pays you back for those expenses, that is the process of being_________________.reimbursedThe document that explains company policies and rules is called the _________________.employee handbookIf you receive a poor evaluation, you should _______________.consider the validity of the comments and strive to correct those shortcomingsThe process of judging how well an employee is doing on the job is called a(n)__________________.performance evaluationGood posture makes people look poised and self-confident.TrueTattoos and body piercings look professional in appearance and represent the company in a positive way.falseKeeping one's body clean and healthy is considered good ___________________.personal hygieneCommunication involves both speaking and listening so that everyone gets something of value out of the exchange.TrueA common employer complaint about employees is that they refuse to get along with others. When your supervisor asks you to do a specific task and you do so without complaint, your employer will say you arecooperativeGetting to work on time is defined as being _________________.punctualJobs that involve working with tools, machines, and equipment can be dangerous, so it is important to be ________________ as you consciousPenelope is a sales associate at a computer sales stores. She notices an older man with tattered clothing enter the store. How should she approach the customer?Greet the customer and ask if he'd like her assistanceFamily and friends are never a good source of job leads.FalseThe Fair Labor Standards Act states that a person under the age of ____________ may not be employed during school hours.16You need to provide your employer with a social security number to start work.TrueA job is a way to earn money, get experience, learn skills, and prove yourself.TrueFor most people, first jobs are only stepping stones.TrueOne benefit of working while you are in school is that you will start to recognize the relationship between education and work.TrueSkills that are needed to perform the tasks or duties of a specific occupation are called ____________.occupational skillsReality factors that have influence on your decisions can be people, events or situations.TrueA recession in the economy can have an impact on your career plansTrueYour environment can influence your decision-making process.TrueThe decision-making process depends on your willingness to accept responsibility for your choices.TrueWhen you enter a virtual meeting, you should do the following:mute yourselfWhen on social media, you shouldn't: (there's two!)? Posting a picture of you earning an award, Accept all friend requests (even if you don't know them) ,Use foul language ,Set privacy restrictionsAccept all friend requests (even if you don't know them) ,Use foul languageWhat's step 2 of the decision making process?gather informationOccupational decision making is completely different from the five-step process.FalseWhy do employers prefer professional references over personal references?Personal references tend to be biasedThe decision-making process has __________ steps.5Your transferable skills are often more important than your job skills.trueBeing able to analyze facts and data is one type of transferable skill.TrueEmployers are generally only interested in job-related skills.FalseTwo employees working at a manufacturing company enter a shop floor to do work. One employee is wearing approved safety glasses, but the other employee is not. Why should the employee be wearing safety glasses?Safety glasses should always be worn on the shop floor.O*Net is not a good source for information about occupations.FalseTo create a complete picture of occupational trends, you need to know the rate of growth and ________________.the numerical increase of workersBusinesses that provide some type of personal or business service such as health care, education, transportation, and wholesale and retail trade are called goods-producing industries.FalseAltruism, creativity, prestige, security, variety, and independence are examples of _________________.Work ValuesIf you are able to perform math problems quickly and accurately, you have a high ________________numerical aptitudeValues are attitudes and beliefs about things you think are important in life.TrueWhat term includes your physical characteristics, behavior, thinking and belief systems?Self__________________ describe what you're good at doing.AptitudesKnowledge about yourself is called self-information and can help you make satisfying occupational decisions.TrueThe combination of all the occupations and jobs held throughout your work life is called _________________.A careerAll people enjoy their work.FalseWhen work provides an opportunity to learn and grow, this is defined as ________________.personal/professional developmentThe major reason people work is earn money