Flying on Low-Cost Airlines


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airline reservations
arrangements to take a flight at a specific date and time in the future
a travel plan that states what one will do and when
low-cost airline
a company that offers less expensive flights for customers, but also less customer service
assigned seats
a system where each traveler has a specific seat number, usually printed on the ticket
a person who travels in a plane, bus, train, car, or boat
to hurry; to do something very quickly; to move toward something very quickly
the area in an airport where people with tickets can get onto a plane
the process where people get on a plane, find their seats, store their bags, and sit down
a small price to pay
something that is easy or painless to do, considering the advantages or benefits of what will happen as a result
the price of a ticket on an airplane, train, bus, or boat
stripped down
without a lot of nice, extra, fancy things; only the basics
without a lot of nice, extra, fancy things or services; only the basics
depart from
to leave a place, especially to leave an airport in an airplane
secondary airport
an airport that is not used as much as another airport in the same area
hand it over
a phrase used to ask someone to give control of a project to oneself; a phrase used to ask another person to let one do or have something
take over something
to take control of something; to begin doing something that another person had been doing
to give up or to not have or do something, usually so that one can have or do something else
one dollar