Taekwondo white belt

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white belt taekwondo

What is the oath of Taekwondo?

Courtesy, Respect, Discipline, Self-Defense, Courage, Integrity, Spirit, Victory!

What is recited at the end of each class?

I will live with perseverance in the spirit of Tae Kwon Do, having honor with others, integrity within myself, and self-control in my actions. Sir.

#1 Kick

Kick with front leg closest to the opponent

#2 Kick

Kick with back leg furthest from the opponent

#3 Kick

Back leg slides forward to front leg, execute kick with front leg

Describe the Basic Eight:

Low block, middle block, high block, punch, turn, low block, middle block, high block punch.

Describe white belt one-step sparring #1:

Attacker: left low block, right middle punch
Defender: Jhoonbee stance, then steps forward and outward, with a simultaneous right middle punch and a right middle block with the wrist facing the attacker.

Describe white belt one-step sparring #2:

Attacker: left low block, right middle punch
Defender: Jhoonbee stance, then steps forward 45 degrees and makes a right knife hand strike to the neck, while simultaneously making a left knife hand block with palm facing the attacker.

Describe white belt one-step sparring #3:

Attacker: left low block, #2 right front kick (with back leg)
Defender: Jhoonbee stance, then step forward 45 degrees and make a left low block, rotate into horse-riding stance and make a right middle and left high punch.

Describe white belt grab #1:

Grabber: Grabs defender's left wrist with right hand
Defender: Half-steps back with the left foot. Use right closed fist to hit the pressure point in the middle of the grabber's forearm, then makes a backfist to the opponent's temples.

Describe white belt grab #2:

Grabber: grabs defender's right wrist with left hand
Defender: takes a half-step back with right foot, raises right hand to head lever, grabs attacker's wrist. Takes a half-step forward with left foot and makes a knife hand strike (palm down) toward the attacker's ribs.

What does Tae Kwon Do mean?

Tae- foot
Kwon- hand or fist
Do- spirit or mental attitude

What is your master instructor's name?

The master's name is "Master Stephen Amsler"

Why are we taught to use our feet more than our hands?

a) The element of surprise (opponents don't expect an attack of the foot)
b) The leg is longer and stronger than the arm

Why do we Kihap or yell?

a) To focus all of the power into one small target
b) To get the adrenaline flowing
c) To startle or scare the opponent

Why should both ends of the belt hang evenly?

To show that the student is equal in physical (right) and mental (left) abilities.

Should you ever wash your belt?

NO. The belt contains all of the sweat and diligence from your workouts. To wash the belt is to wash away all knowledge.

Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi originate from which countries?

Taekwondo- Korea
Karate- Japan
Kung Fu and Tai Chi- China

If done properly, what is the most important movement in martial arts and why?

The bow, because it symbolizes courtesy and respect and it can also prevent fights from even happening in the first place.

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