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Progressives - Ch 21.1


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market in which a few large companies control prices for an industry
a journalist who uncovers abuses and corruption in a society
the practice of letting voters accept or reject measures proposed by the legislature
the right that enables voters to remove elected officials from office
the right of citizens to place a measure or issue before the voters or the legislature for approval
Pendleton Act
established the Civil Service Commission to give examinations for federal jobs
Sherman Antitrust Act
the first federal law to control trusts and monopolies
Interstate Commerce Act
regulated railroad and later trucking industries
Eugene V. Debs
helped found the American Socialist Party in 1898
Ida Tarbell
described the oil trusts unfair practices
Upton Sinclair
described the horrors of the Chicago meatpacking industry
Eugene V Debs
began his career as a labor organizer. Helped organize a firefighters union in Indiana in 1875. Led the Pullman Strike in 1894. Was sentenced to jail for his role in the strike. Went on to a long career as a union leader.