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@@@ CCLE Review Worksheet (by evelynmmm + Me) ~ DONE

Terms in this set (75)

(a) Gross negligence;
(b) Repeated negligent acts;
(c) Incompetence;
(d) excessive treatment
(e) Any conduct which has endangered or is likely to endanger the public;
(f) The administering to oneself, of any controlled substance on the job.
(g) Conviction of a crime which is substantially related to the qualifications, functions or duties of a chiropractor;
(h) Conviction of any offense, involving moral turpitude, dishonesty, physical violence or corruption.
(i) The conviction of more than one misdemeanor or any felony involving the use, consumption, or self-administration of any dangerous drug or alcoholic beverage, or any combination of those substances.
(j) The violation of any of the provisions of law regulating the dispensing or administration of narcotics, dangerous drugs, or controlled substances;
(k) The commission of any act involving moral turpitude, dishonesty, or corruption, whether the act is committed in the course of the individual's activities as a license holder, or otherwise;
(l) Knowingly making or signing any certificate or other document relating to the practice of chiropractic which falsely represents the existence or nonexistence of a state of facts;
(m) Violating the Act or the regulations adopted by the board thereunder;
(n) Making or giving any false statement or information in connection with the application for issuance of a license;
(o) Impersonating an applicant
(p) False advertising
(q) fraud or misrepresentation;
(r) the unauthorized disclosure of any information about a patient revealed or discovered during the course of examination or treatment;
(s) The employment or use of persons known as cappers or steerers to obtain business;
(t) The offering, delivering, receiving or accepting of any rebate, refund, commission, preference, patronage, dividend, discount or other consideration as compensation or inducement for referring patients to any person;
(u) Participation in information or referral bureaus which do not comply with section 317.1 of the regulations;
(v) Entering into an agreement to waive, abrogate, or rebate the deductible and/or co-payment amounts of any insurance policy by forgiving any or all of any patient's obligation for payment thereunder,
(w) Not referring a patient to a physician and surgeon or other licensed health care provider who can provide the appropriate management of a patient's physical or mental condition,
(x) The offer, advertisement, or substitution of a spinal manipulation for vaccination.