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When should a patient's medical history be updated?

At every visit

What method for disinfection is used in cubicle disinfection?

Spray, wipe, spray method

The second spray should remain for how long?

10 mins

After a patient is dismissed, another application of surface disinfectant is recommended for the next patient. (T/F)


All disposable supplies should NOT be displayed prior to the seating of the patient. (T/F)

False - They should be displayed before seating.

What materials should be worn during all patient treatment?

-Gloves, Masks, treatment jackets and eye wear

If you leave the operatory, you should remove your gloves and wash you hands. (T/F)


How long should you wash your hands BEFORE & AFTER gloving?

15 secs

You could reuse gloves for the next patient. (T/F)

-False, never reuse gloves!!

All hand pieces, including the motor of the slow speed handpiece, should be sterilized prior to patient care. (T/F)


Waterlines should meet the <1000 cfu for safe water guidelines. (T/F)

- False, the guideline is <500 cfu
[cfu = colony forming units]

How long should the waterlines be flushed for at the BEGINNING of each day?
Between each patient?

-2 mins
- 30 secs

Regular gloves are worn during the cleaning of instruments. (T/F)

-False, utility gloves are worn

What does PPE stand for?

Personal Protective Equipment

What items are considered PPE?

-Utility gloves, mask, protective eye wear, and coat.

When a spill occurs, PPE is worn during clean up. (T/F)


The paper towels used to wipe up a spill (blood/saliva) is thrown away in a regular trash bag. (T/F)

- False, it is thrown away in a red bag.

Cleaning a spill with dry paper towels is sufficient for disinfection. (T/F)

- False, the area must be sprayed with disinfectant, and let stand for 10 mins.

Needles, scalpel blades, carpules. glass, dental wires, and extracted teeth are placed in the red "Sharps" container. (T/F)

- True

Needle sticks should be reported immediately to a faculty member.(T/F)


After a needle stick occurs, you should dismiss your patient, and go to report the incident. (T/F)

- False , dont dismiss the patient, both should go to file the report.

Both the health care worker and the patient are required to get tested. (T/F)

- False, the patient isnt required to get patient

After the patient is dismissed, and AFTER degloving, discard disposable material into appropriate containers. (T/F)

-False, you don't deglove when disposing of the material.

Patients are not required to wear protective eye wear. (T/F)

-False , they are required

These items should always be touched with gloves: Box of gloves/mask, black pen, blood pressure equipment. (T/F)

- False, these are items in your CLEAN ZONE and should NEVER be touched with gloves

Once an item has been used in a patients mouth, it's ok for it to go back onto the Alabama cart or bracket table.(T/F)

-false, once it has been used it should NEVER go back onto the Alabama cart, only on the bracket table.

You could remove items from the sterilization bag before your patient arrives. (T/F)

- False, always remove items after the patient has arrived

You should wash your hands, put on gloves, then your saftey mask and glasses. (T/F)

- False, put on the mask and glasses first then wash hands and put on gloves.

Code Blue is activated when a serious allergic reaction occurs. (T/F)


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