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Name a non- living environmental factor for brine shrimp
salt or water
What is an optimum environment?
the best conditions for an organism
What conditions do beetles prefer?
a dark and dry environment
What is a controlled experiment?
a set of compared investigations in which one variable is changed while the other stay the same
What causes water to become acidic?
the carbon dioxide released by aquatic organism dissolves in water and carbon acid
What is the difference between a terrarium and an aquarium?
a terrarium holds soil along with living and non- living organisms; an aquarium contains water along with living and non- living organisms
Describe a "black box"
a system that cannot be observed
What is a model?
a representation that explains how something is built or how it works
What is the difference between a conceptual model and physical model?
conceptual model; a drawing or words; physical model; three- dimensional figure
Explain the steps in the design process
make a design, construct the design, test your work, evaluate the process, redesign if necessary
How does friction effect the movement of an object on a surface?
friction creates a resistance to the movement of the object when it touches another surface
Name the five weather tools and state what you measure
thermometer: temperature- hygrometer: humanity- barometer: air pressure- compass: helps find wind direction- anemometer: wind speed
Name the layers of the atmosphere from the ground up
troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, exosphere
Name the two most prevalent permanent gases and two variable gases in the atmosphere
Nitrogen (~78%), Oxygen (21%); water vapor, carbon dioxide
What causes the different seasons?
the tilt an rotation of the Earth
On which day (typically) do we have the most hours of sunlight?
June 21 or 22
What are the four regions of Latin America?
Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, South America
What is the largest country in South America?
What is an isthmus?
a narrow strip of land that joins to larger bodies of land
From which country did Haiti gain its independence? Mexico? Brazil?
Haiti: France; Mexico: Spain; Brazil: Portugal
What is communism? What is socialism?
communism: political systems in which the central government controls all aspects of the citizens' lives; socialism: economic system in which the government runs the economy and tries to spread the wealthy equally
Who were the first Europeans to reach the America's?
the Vikings
What language is spoken in Brazil? Why?
Portuguese, the area was claimed and settled for the country of Portugal
Canada has which type of government?
constitutional monarchy
What two countries are located in Hispaniola?
Haiti and Dominican Republic
What is the British North America Act?
an act that made Canada one dominion under the name of Canada
What was the Canadian fur trade?
coureurs de bois trapped beaver to trade pelts with the Europeans due to the high demand for beaver fur hats and coats in Europe
Whats the difference between the United States as a melting pot and Canada as a mosaic?
United States bled together to form one culture- Canada cultures remain separate unique pieces of a whole
Why was the panama canal built?
to speed travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean for American trade and American Navy
What are natural resources?
things found in nature that people use to meet there needs
What is one characteristic of the Mayan civilization? The Aztecs? The Incas?
Mayans: developed a system of hieroglyphics; Aztecs: used chinampas to help create more farmland; Incan: government officials and traders used quipus since the didn't have a written language
What was the Northwest Passage?
an all water, imaginary route going east to west from Europe to Asia
What are the base words of friendly and famous?
friend and fame
If a narrator uses words such as he, she, and they when talking about characters, the story is written in what point of view?
third person
Name the elements involved in the plot of a book (5)
exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution
What is an essay?
a short non- fiction writing, usually written from the author's point of view
What is a personal narrative?
a form of writing that covers an event in the writer's life
What are the four types sentences?
declarative, imperative, interrogative, exclamatory
What is a imperative sentence?
a sentence that expresses a demand or request
What is the difference between a biography and an autobiography?
biography: a story about a persons life based upon factual information that is written by someone other than the subject
autobiography: a story about a person's life based upon factual information that is written by the subject him/herself`
What is figurative language and why do authors use it in their writing?
figurative language is a writers tool to creatively help the reader visualize images as they read; create movies within their own head; that is a "figure of speech" that is not meant to be taken literally
What are synonyms and antonyms
synonyms: word has a similar meaning to another word; antonym: a word having an opposite meaning of another word
How do you identify a title of a book within your writing?
You underline the title and capitalize the first word and all other important words
What was the difference between a fact and an opinion?
fact: something that can be proven with evidence; opinion: a belief that may or may not be supported by evidence
Name at least three types of non- fiction.
biography, autobiography, textbook, newspaper, interview
What is the difference between a protagonist and an antagonist
protagonist: the main character in a story; antagonist: opposes the protagonist or main character
Name at least four features of non- fiction text
index, glossary, map, heading, timeline, photograph
What is the purpose of a persuasive piece of writing?
to express an opinion and try to convince the reader this opinion is correct
What is a thesis statement? Where is an essay is it located?
the main idea of an essay expressed in one sentence; placed as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph
What is plagiarism?
the act of stealing or passing off ideas or words as one's own
What does it mean to paraphrase?
putting a passage from another source into your own words while giving credit to the original scource
What is a complete sentence?
contains a subject and a predicate, end punctuation, and capital letter at the beginning of the sentence and must make complete sense
What is a fragment? What is a run- on?
fragment: a group of words that is missing a subject or verb or does not contain a complete thought; run- on: two or more sentences written together as one sentence without proper punctuation
What is a memoir?
a narrative, written piece that provides factual information about a significant time, place, person, or event in the author's life, and explains the significant/important influence in the author's life
Spell affect/effect used in the following sentences:
The clouds will affect the weather.
The clouds had an effect on the weather.
Give the meaning and correct spelling of each there/their/they're
there-a place or location
their-possessive form for they
they're-contraction for they are
What are the three purposes of reading and discussing/writing what we've read each day?
builds stamina, deepens personal thinking, strengthens fluency/compression, helps expand understanding by learning from others' points of view, helps strengthen writing skills, and develop a love of reading
How are Factor Puzzles and multiplication table related?
Factor Puzzles are pieces of a multiplication table
What is a unit rate?
a value associated with one unit
What is the difference between perimeter and area?
to find the area of a triangle, you find half the area of a rectangle
How is finding the area of a rectangle different from that of a triangle?
to find the area of a triangle, you find half the area of a rectangle
What is the difference between adding and multiplying fractions?
When you add fractions you need a common denominator, when multiplying you don't need to change the denominators
What is the difference between a multiple and a factor?
multiple: the product of a given number and a counting number; factor: one of two or more numbers multiplied to make a product
What is a reciprocal?
the reverse numerator and denominator of a fraction
What is the related multiplication equation to 8/15 divided by 2/3 equals 4/5
2/3 times 4/5 equals 8/15
How is a prism named? What is the name of the following prism?
by the shape of its base, pentagonal prism
What is a variable?
a letter or symbol used to represent a number
Name two possible equivalent expressions to 4h.
4 times h; h+h+h+h; 2h + 2h
What is the order of operations?
1. perform all operations in parentheses
2. simplify powers
3. multiple and divide left to right
4. add and subtract left to right
What are two ways to use the distributive property?
distribute a factor and pull out a common factor
How many centimeters are in a meter? How many inches are in a foot?
100 cm; 12 in.
What are the three types of averages and how do you find them?
mean: a single number that summarizes all values in a set of numbers; it is calculated by adding data values and dividing the sum by the number of values
median: a single number that summarizes the center of a set of data; it is the middle number when a set of data is arranged from least to greatest
mode: a number that occurs the most in a set of data; the number that occurs most in a set of data
What is an integer? What is an absolute value?
integer: a whole number, its opposite or zero; solutes value: measures the distance a number is from zero
In the Ferber School song, fill in the missing word; "Ferber school we sing to you. We are the _____ Firebirds through and through."
What is the name of the instrument we heard in music glass, rubbing water around the rim of a glass?
glass harmonica
Who invented the glass harmonica?
Benjamin Franklin
Where is the song "Take Time In Life" from"?
Liberia, Africa
What instrument is featured in the song "Popcorn"?
What was the name of the secret traveling path Harriet Tubman used to help slaves escape to freedom?
the Underground Railroad
What are the three subjects in the song "If I Had a Hammer"?
hammer, bell, song
List the five health-related fitness components.
muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, body mass, flexibility, muscle endurance
List the five skill related fitness components?
speed, balance, power, reaction time, coordination, agility
What does "PRE" represent?
perceived rate of exertion (how hard you think you are working compared to how hard you are actually working)
A heart rate count of 12 beats in 6 seconds equals how many beats per minute?
What is the athletic position called that's used when a player is prepared to play the game?
ready position
List five things to include in a daily meal plan?
fruits, vegetables, milk, whole grain, proteins (lean meats/beans)
How many players are on a court for a volleyball game?
When stepping to do the overhand throw, we must always step with what foot?
opposite of the throwing hand
List the eight locomotor movements.
gallop, skip, jump, walk, run, slide, leap, hop
Capture the flag, Ultimate Football, and Treasure Islands are all examples of what type of games?
invasion games
What is the point at which the Earth and sky meet?
horizon line
What style of art that tricks your eye?
op art
What is the element of art that refers to the way something feels?
Greens, blues, and violets are referred to as what kind of colors? Red, orange and yellows?
cool/cold colors; warm/hot colors
When one object covers a portion of another object is called_______?
What three colors are used to mix the other hues on the color wheel? What are these colors called?
red, yellow, blue; primary colors
What are lines called that move side to side? What are lines called that move top to bottom?
horizontal lines; vertical lines
Whats the element of art that refers to the lightness and darkness of a color?
When something repeats in a work of art its called a _____
What type of lines move in the same direction and always stay the same distance apart?
parallel lines