Wheelock's Latin vocabulary- Chapter 3

20 terms by Kalamazoo_Classics

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Vocabulary from Wheelock's Latin (7th ed). All macrons (long marks) are included, and all possible translations listed in the chapter are given.

ager, agrī, m.

field, farm

agricola, agricolae, m.


amicus, amīcī, (m.); and amīca, amīcae (f.)


fēmina, fēminae, f.


fīlia, fīliae, f. (dat. and abl. pl. are the unusual forms fīliābus)


fīlius, fīliī, m.


numerus, numerī, m.


populus, populī, m.

the people, a people, a nation

puer, puerī, m.

boy (pl.) boys, children

sapientia, sapientiae, f.


vir, virī, m.

man, hero

avārus, avāra, avārum

greedy, avaricious

paucī, paucae, pauca

(usually pl.) few, a few

Rōmānus, Rōmāna, Rōmanum


(+ abl.) down from, from; concerning, about


(+ abl.) in, on





habeō, habēre, habuī, habitum

to have, hold, possess; consider, regard

satiō, satiāre, satiāvī, satiātum

to satisfy, sate

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