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18 terms

of mice and men

Avert V.
turn away
bleated V.
to speak or complain in a way
burlap N.
a plain woven and coarse fabric
complaccent Adj.
self satisfied
condescending Adj.
a patronizing attitude or behavior
cukoo N.
a mad person
derision N.
a type of mockery or ridicule
v. to complain or protest about about something in a bad tempered way
mollify V.
to soothe and temper
nuisance N.
one who is annoying or obnoxis
patronize V.
to treat with an apperent kindness that betrays a feeling of superiority
profound Adj.
very great or intense
pugnacious adj.
to have a combative nature
recumbent Adj.
lying down
rheumatism n.
a condition of pain with stiff muscles, joints, and tissue
scrouge v.
to cause great suffering or affliction
stalky adj.
someone who is always standing tall
swamper n.
a handy man