c1 Order of classification from inclusive to exclusive
c1 Sequence of increasing biological organization
c1 Unicellular prokaryotes
1. lack membrane
2. Found in almost all habbitas
3. Classified in the domains bacteria and archaea
c1 The Control group in an experiment receives all the same treatments except for the variable being tested
This statement it true
c1 Living organisms are characterized by:
1. adapting to the enviornment
2.Evolving over time
3. Displaying homeostatic controls
c1 Which domain contains primitive prokaryotes that living in extreme enviornments
c1 A university biology department wishes to hire a scientist to work on the relationships among the wolves, moose, trees and physical features on an island. If you were charged with writing the job description, you
Community ecologist
c1 The classification system most commonly used by biologists today contains five domains
This statement is false
c1 Which of the following concepts is NOT one of the unifying theories of biology?
Life may arise through spontaneous generation.
c1 What best describes the collection of scientific data through observation in the field, such as observing the behavior of birds
Descriptive Research
c1 A study is conducted to determine the average length and weight of loblolly pine tree needles in the southeast United States. Is this data obtained through observation
Both observation and experimentation
c1 An earlier classification grouped organisms by whether they inhabited the air, land or sea. However, the five-kingdoms-of-life and three-domains system divided into class-order-family-genus-species as described in this chapter is superior because it
1. better represents the origin of features held in common-the unity of life in DNA, etc.
2. better reflects the origin of adaptations-the diversity of life for differing environments.
3. allows the organization of over 900,000 different species.
4. groups organisms based on similarities related to their structure and evolution.

(All of these are correct)
c1 A cell is to a tissue as an atom is to:
a molecule
c1 You are interested in the effect of increased carbon dioxide versus normal air, and also in the effect of green light versus full sunlight on the growth of corn plants in a greenhouse. Although you can set up your experiment inside a greenhouse, it is possible that there will be plant growth effects due to effects that you do not know and may never know. Which of the following are important to ensure control of unknown variables?
1. An increase in carbon dioxide does not result in a substantial decrease of other necessary gases.
2. All seedlings are from one uniform strain.
3. The intensity or brightness of the green light equals the intensity of the full sunlight.
4. All temperatures and available water remain the same.
c1 Biodiversity in a particular ecosystem
1. is the total number of species in that ecosystem
2. includes the variability of the individual genes
3. impacts the function of the ecosystem in which the species live
c1 Some members of Daphnia, a water flea, have a genetic mutation that causes them to prefer warmer environments. These members reproduce and pass these genetic changes to their offspring. The next generation will occupy warmer environments not previously occupied by this species. This is an example of:
c1 Some biologists study the complex interactions of animals and plants in forests or prairies. Such ecology field research often produces slightly different results for different researchers. In contrast, ecology experiments that are run indoors with one organism in a terrarium usually produce results that are repeatable. What is the most likely explanation?
Fieldwork is inductive; lab work is deductive.
c1 A controlled experiment is...
An experiment in which an observer tests a hypothesis by looking for changes brought on by alterations to a variable.
c1 The dependent variable is (above experiment)
The temperature
c1 The independent variable is
Growth of the bacteria
c1 What is the hypothesis ?
The hypothesis is not specifically identified in the excerpt as a hypothesis. There is, therefore, no hypothesis
c1 Dr. James performed another experiment. Instead of inoculating the test tubes with Staphylococcus, he used the bacterium, Streptococcus. He found that Streptococcus grew better at body temperature than at room temperature. This is a replicate of the first experiment.
This statement is false
c2 Which of the following elements would be more reactive with other elements?
Boron #5
c2 What would be a proposed mechanism by which stomach antacids work?
Antacids are bases and by definition can absorb H+ out of a solution.
c2 If you place the corner of a paper towel into a droplet of water the water moves across the paper towel. Which of the following would explain the movement of the water?
Both cohesion and adhesion
c2 What elements is NOT one of the six most common in living organisms?
There are how many naturally occurring elements
c2 What is NOT true about elements
They consist of atoms and molecules
c2 If the atomic number of an element is 6 and the atomic mass is 12.01, how many protons are there in the nucleus?
c2 What is an atom, an isotope and an ion?
c2 (see table) from the table of radioisotopes and their properties, it is obvious that...
Energy and half-life are not directly related
c2 Which statement is NOT true about subatomic particles
All electrons in an atom contain the same amount of energy.
c2 What is NOT true about the electrical charges in chemistry?
In an atom, the number of protons and neutrons must be equal.
c2 In a water molecule...
1. the oxygen atom is more electronegative than the hydrogen atoms.
2. the oxygen atom has an overall negative charge with the hydrogen atoms having an overall positive charge.
3. unequal sharing of electrons results in a polar molecule.
(All are true)
c2 An atom's atomic mass is best described as the mass of
Protons and neutrons it contains
c2 A research article indicates that researchers have used an isotope 3H to trace a certain metabolic process. From the symbol that is given, we know this is a hydrogen isotope with
One proton and two neutrons
c2 Both 18O and 16O are found in nature. However, 16O is the most common. Therefore,
Oxygen atoms can have eight or 10 neutrons
c2 To determine the age of fairly recent fossils and organic artifacts, it is possible to analyze the amounts of the isotopes 14C and 14N, because over time the 14C-which originated in the atmosphere-breaks down into 14N. What net change occurred for this to happen?
The 14C gained a proton
c2 What is NOT true about electron configurations?
Atoms with more than eight electrons in the outer shell react by gaining electrons.
c2 An orbital is best described as
The volume of space in which electrons are most often
c2 Prior to prescription medications to control stomach acid and "heart burn" people consumed baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to decrease their discomfort. This would indicate that sodium bicarbonate
Neutralizes stomach acid by combining with excess H+
c2 What is NOT true about ionic bonds?
An ion has the same number of electrons as a nonionic atom of the same element
c2 Whatis NOT true about covalent bonds?
Covalent bonds form when an electron is completely lost or gained from an atom
c2 Which statement is NOT true about polar covalent bonds?
The oxygen of a water molecule is electropositive relative to the hydrogen
c2 An abandoned Indiana coal mine spoil bank contains chunks of pyrite minerals. Under constant erosion and weathering, the pyrites leech large amounts of sulfuric acid (H2SO4). The spoil banks are also mixed with large quantities of basic limestone and clay carbonates. What should occur over time?
The pH levels will be spotty and vary over time, first more acidic but drifting back toward 7.0.
c2 Which of the following statements is/are true about the pH scale?

The scale indicates the relative concentrations of hydrogen and hydroxyl ions in a solution.
c2 A change of one pH unit represents a ten-fold increase or decrease in hydroxyl ion concentration.
True False
c2 The blood buffer reactions described by H2CO3<----->H+HCO3 indicates that....
The reaction can flow either direction depending on whether there is an excess of hydrogen or hydroxide ions.
c2 (In packet) From the above table, it is apparent that:
Triple bonds are stronger than double bonds; double bonds are stronger than single bonds.
c2 The characteristic way in which atoms of an element react is most related to the
Number of electrons in the outermost shell
c2 As a solid, water floats. This means that
1. solid water is less dense than liquid water.
2. organisms in ponds, lakes, and reservoirs can survive under the ice cover.
3. this is due to hydrogen bonding changes.
(All of the choices are correct)
c2 A coastal climate is moderated primarily by which of the following properties of water? Water
Resists changes of state
c2 All of the following reflect harm due to acid deposition from rain EXCEPT
Increased agricultural yields
c2 (see chart) A solution with a pH of 7.0 has _______ times ________ H+ than a solution of pH 10.
10³; more
c2 A solution with a pH of 6 has ________ time _________ OH- than a solution with a pH of 10.
10^4; less
c2 This system of chemicals,
H2CO3↔ H+HCO3 ,
act as a buffer in the blood. If hydrogen ions are added to blood which of the following reactions would occur?

1.H+ + HCOᵥ3 →Hᵥ2COᵥ3
2.OH + Hᵥ2COᵥ3 → HCOᵥ3- + Hᵥ2O
H+ + HCOᵥ3 →Hᵥ2COᵥ3
c2 (see packet) Which of the following concept circles best depicts the relationship between molecules and compounds (c = compound and m = molecule)
Option C