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  1. Stephen Collins Foster's background
  2. Center
  3. Ragtime Songs
  4. Paul Whiteman
  5. Scott Joplin
  1. a established song models that would be influential for later composers, Foster's success was supported by a number of social and technological factors: minstrel troupes, sheet music, cheap pianos, the parlor
  2. b most famous ragtime composer, known for piano rags, 1st job was a pianist in a cafe in ST louis, composed many classics of the ragtime repertoire, helped popularize the style through his piano arrangements
  3. c several geographically distinct centers where power, capital, and control over mass media are concerned
  4. d growing market for ragtime songs suggests a continuation of whites fascination with african american music, most popular songs were march style songs with irregular rhythms
  5. e the king of jazz, joined symphony orchestra as a violist at 17, formed a 7 piece dance band, had incredible commercial success, widened the market for jazz based dance music and paved the way for swing era, hired brilliant young jazz musicians

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  1. recorded a series of opera arias in londer, sold over 2 million dollars worth after his death
  2. began their career with James Reese Europe's orchestra, launched the first successful all-black broadway musical
  3. lead performer who sand and provided entertainment between acts
  4. sound is converted to an electric signal, featured a microphone geared more toward the voice ( marked as high fidelity meaning a more intimate way of recording)
  5. ODJB's biggest hit, composed by LaRocca, 3 wind instruments: cornet, clarinet, and trombone, rhythm section piano and trap set, energy style remains high throughout

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  1. Syncopationthe shifting of natural melodic accents onto the offbeats, word derived from the AA term to rag meaning enliven a piece of music by shifting melodic accents onto the offbeats


  2. Stephen Collins Foster's enddied in poverty at age 37, no copyrights so songwriters were not favored, OH! Susanna was sold for a flat fee of 100 dollars


  3. New Orleans Diverse Musical Traditionsbrilliant cornet player in the Creole Jazz Band, hotter than that


  4. Clef Clubfounded by James Reese Europe, a social club, booking agency, and trade union for African American musicians in NYC


  5. Castle House Ragperformed by James Reese Europe's society orchestra, documents the transition between ragtime and syncopated dance music


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