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  1. Hollywood
  2. Real time on the Radio
  3. Shuffle Along
  4. Don Apiazu and his Havana Casino Orchestra
  5. Center
  1. a several geographically distinct centers where power, capital, and control over mass media are concerned
  2. b radio caused a decline in record sales because records were seen as unethical because it tricked listeners into thinking the acts were in house
  3. c all black broadway musical, included jazz influenced songs such as 'Im just wild about Harry', portrayed romantic relationships betwene black characters without degrading stereotypes
  4. d El manicero (the peanut vendor), recording opens with the clave rhythm, complex ensemble texture with interlocking parts, solo trumpet and solo voice, rhythmic pattern clave which is cuban style
  5. e films with synchonized sound, talkies, became an important medium for promoting songs, LA competes with NYC as national entertainment industry, Movies create another outlet for spread of pop music

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  1. twelve inch shellac discs were introduced
  2. the banjo, latin american rhythms such as cuban habanera, marching band music, Coon song
  3. author of 'youre a grand old flag'
  4. orchestras segregated, black dance bands able to extend appeal across races, white jazz fans frequent nightclubs in AA neighborhoods, most economically successful dance bands were led by white musicians
  5. music industry increasingly relied on phonograph records, rather than sheet music, as the main means of promoting songs and artists

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  1. Song Pluggerssmaller institutions and people historically excluded from political and economic mainstream


  2. Maple Leaf Ragperformed by James Reese Europe's society orchestra, documents the transition between ragtime and syncopated dance music


  3. Jazz Babies or Flappersyoung women in short skits and bobbed hair


  4. Ragging Piano Stylea term that evoked the changing sound of many pianos simultaneously playing songs in a variety of keys and tempos


  5. Story of After the Balltells a tragic story of lost love in the ballad tradition, Waltz Time, the form of strophic, 3 main sections each made up of a verse and a chorus