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  1. The Jazz Age
  2. Two things necessary to be jazz
  3. Popular Music
  4. Printed Sheet Music
  5. Enrico Canso
  1. a recorded a series of opera arias in londer, sold over 2 million dollars worth after his death
  2. b an era in american popular culture sparked by the success of the recordings of the ODJB, involved elements from high culture (Gatsby)
  3. c it needs to swing and it needs to be imrpovised
  4. d music created with commercial success in mind
  5. e sold for 25-60 cents, value of print music tripled, for the first time print music could sell more than 1 million copies (tin pan alley), sheet music was available anywhere

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  1. the banjo, latin american rhythms such as cuban habanera, marching band music, Coon song
  2. the shifting of natural melodic accents onto the offbeats, word derived from the AA term to rag meaning enliven a piece of music by shifting melodic accents onto the offbeats
  3. the american society of composers, authors, and publishers. forced all business establishments that featured live music to pay fees or royalties for the public use of music, worked to keep records off the radio
  4. played a huge roll in the rise of pop music, played a role in New Orleans through funeral precessions
  5. the king of jazz, joined symphony orchestra as a violist at 17, formed a 7 piece dance band, had incredible commercial success, widened the market for jazz based dance music and paved the way for swing era, hired brilliant young jazz musicians

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  1. After the Ballshowed we were refined people and had good decorum, modeled off aristocratic functions in Great Britain


  2. Paul Dresserone of the most popular composers of the early tin pan alley, wrote a series of sentimental and nostalgic songs: the letter that never came, on the banks of Wabash far away


  3. Charles K Harrisself taught banjo player, dictated his songs to a professional musician cause he oculdnt write music, published After the Ball, first mega hit pop song, sold over 5 million copies in sheet music


  4. Dixieland Jazz Bandincluded some combination of violin, guitar, mandolin, and string bass, and sometimes wind instrument, encouraged the addition of instruments that could project over the noise of a crowd


  5. 1902twelve inch shellac discs were introduced