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  1. Dialect
  2. Hollywood
  3. Minstrelsy
  4. Italian Concert Bands
  5. Coon Song
  1. a predominent genre in the US in 1800s, popular in north and south, important influence on pop music, there were many African American performers as well as white, arose as an expression of white culture before and after civil war
  2. b a variety of language that is distinguished from others by phonology, grammar, and vocabulary (music from NYC will sound different that from Georgia)
  3. c popular among white audiences until WW1, usually accompanied by a simple version of syncopated rhythms of ragtime piano music, a continuation of the minstrel music, laced with stereotypes about black culture
  4. d films with synchonized sound, talkies, became an important medium for promoting songs, LA competes with NYC as national entertainment industry, Movies create another outlet for spread of pop music
  5. e a national phenomenon and a powerful shaper of musical taste, contributed to later developments in pop music and jazz

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  1. created a lengthy stage performance that featured a standardized group of performers, foreshadows rise of bluegrass and country
  2. new orleans jazz pianist, took joplin's composition and treated it as the basis for extended rhythmically complex improvisations, ferdinands version of maple leaf rag can be heard in the Smithsonian jazz collection
  3. earliest style of jazz originated here, contained a unique mix of white, creole, french, spanish and black communities, cultural mix helped form a hybrid musical culture unlike any other
  4. orchestras segregated, black dance bands able to extend appeal across races, white jazz fans frequent nightclubs in AA neighborhoods, most economically successful dance bands were led by white musicians
  5. begin identically but their endings vary slightly

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  1. The Grand Ballan era in american popular culture sparked by the success of the recordings of the ODJB, involved elements from high culture (Gatsby)


  2. Radio1st three commercial radio stations in the US KDKA pittsburgh, WWJ in Detroit, WJZ in Newark, first nationwide commercial radio network was established (NBC)


  3. peripherysmaller institutions and people historically excluded from political and economic mainstream


  4. Adornodeveloped in Buenos Aires, blended european ballroom dance, cuban habanera, italian light opera, and the ballads... loosened audiences up to provocative dance


  5. Paul Dresserrepresented the intensification of African American influence on the musical tastes and buying habits of white Americans