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  1. periphery
  2. Bridge
  3. Stephen Collins Foster
  4. Hot
  5. Timbre
  1. a most influential songwriter of an American popular song during the 19th century, composed around 200 songs, first person in the US to make a living as a professional songwriter (OH! Susanna, My Old Kentucky Home Good Night, Old Folks at Home)
  2. b specialized in syncopated jazz arrangements, popular at college dances (Armstrong's hotter than hot)
  3. c a contrasting section which also prepares for the return of the original material
  4. d characteristic sound of an instrument or voice, sometimes called tone color (two different things play the same music but give different sounds or feelings)
  5. e smaller institutions and people historically excluded from political and economic mainstream

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  1. represented the intensification of African American influence on the musical tastes and buying habits of white Americans
  2. employed by the ppl of tin pan alley, encouraged pop singers to sing the songs by the tin pan alley artists
  3. helped further the national obsession with symbol of racial difference, Ethiopian song hit, chorus was a ballad and verses contained banjo, wild dancing, and barnyard animals
  4. one of the most significant musical elements of New orleans style jazz
  5. author of 'youre a grand old flag'

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  1. After the Ballshowed we were refined people and had good decorum, modeled off aristocratic functions in Great Britain


  2. Music and Identityonly for military use, the initial stations were created to read the news, regional, national, and world wide. eventually music was played but only in real time


  3. 1902twelve inch shellac discs were introduced


  4. John Philip Sousamusic created with commercial success in mind


  5. Italian Concert Bandsincluded some combination of violin, guitar, mandolin, and string bass, and sometimes wind instrument, encouraged the addition of instruments that could project over the noise of a crowd