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  1. Ragging Piano Style
  2. Tin Pan Alley
  3. Music and Identity
  4. Marching Bands
  5. Zip Coon effects
  1. a helped further the national obsession with symbol of racial difference, Ethiopian song hit, chorus was a ballad and verses contained banjo, wild dancing, and barnyard animals
  2. b played a huge roll in the rise of pop music, played a role in New Orleans through funeral precessions
  3. c developed by Scott Joplin, improvising around the themes of popular songs and marches in a syncopated style, direct precursor to jazz
  4. d Music is used to find and express identity, pop music is tied to stereotypes
  5. e a term that evoked the changing sound of many pianos simultaneously playing songs in a variety of keys and tempos

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  1. dominates through the 19th and 20th centuries, shifts toward couple's dancing, The Grand Ball, Brass Bands,rooted from the Revolutionary War
  2. African American musician and bandleader, provided music for the Castles, his music let them perform the way they did
  3. a place and a way of doing business, new publishing firms in lower manhattan(28th st) founded by jewish immigrants from eastern europe produced and promoted popular songs
  4. invented by Thomas Edison and at the same time a french inventor named Charles Cros. The energy from sound waves was transferred to a bill or wax cylinder which could be used to reproduce the original sounds
  5. represented the intensification of African American influence on the musical tastes and buying habits of white Americans

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  1. 1902twelve inch shellac discs were introduced


  2. Zip Cooncreated by Vernon and Irene Castle, danced to WC handy's music


  3. Ferdinand Jelly Roll Mortonnew orleans jazz pianist, took joplin's composition and treated it as the basis for extended rhythmically complex improvisations, ferdinands version of maple leaf rag can be heard in the Smithsonian jazz collection


  4. Clef Clubdebuted the phonograph at the 1889 Paris World's Fair, Columbia Records and Victor Talking Machine company(RCA) dominated the american market in phonograph discs


  5. Enrico Cansoincluded some combination of violin, guitar, mandolin, and string bass, and sometimes wind instrument, encouraged the addition of instruments that could project over the noise of a crowd