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  1. Don Apiazu and his Havana Casino Orchestra
  2. Collective Improvisation
  3. Clef Club
  4. Maple Leaf Rag themes
  5. Rise of the Phonograph
  1. a El manicero (the peanut vendor), recording opens with the clave rhythm, complex ensemble texture with interlocking parts, solo trumpet and solo voice, rhythmic pattern clave which is cuban style
  2. b invented by Thomas Edison and at the same time a french inventor named Charles Cros. The energy from sound waves was transferred to a bill or wax cylinder which could be used to reproduce the original sounds
  3. c one of the most significant musical elements of New orleans style jazz
  4. d founded by James Reese Europe, a social club, booking agency, and trade union for African American musicians in NYC
  5. e four distinct, right hand melody plays syncopated rhythms, left hand accompaniement plays regular bass part march like

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  1. military band in WW1, played several concerts in Paris, had a successful tour, made records for Pathe a french company with a studio in NY, 1st allied regiment to cross the Rhine at the end of the war even though they could not fight alongside whites
  2. dominates through the 19th and 20th centuries, shifts toward couple's dancing, The Grand Ball, Brass Bands,rooted from the Revolutionary War
  3. channeled flow of swinging or funky or phat rhythms
  4. employed by the ppl of tin pan alley, encouraged pop singers to sing the songs by the tin pan alley artists
  5. James Reese Europe, Castles danced to his Clef Club orchestra at a society party in NYC. Castles decision to hire Europe is essential to their success, he provided syncopated music that others could not

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  1. Vernon and Irene Castlerepresent the commercial peak of the 19th century parlor song


  2. Sweetromantic nostalgic music, Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians


  3. B Sectionsintroduces a new melody and chords, acts as a bridge to the last A section


  4. John Philip SousaAmerica's March King, most popular bandleader, became the Marine Band's conductor and later formed a successful commercial concert band touring the US and europe giving nearly 10,000 concerts


  5. Vaudeville Showscool and sensual being


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