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  1. Shuffle Along
  2. The Jazz Singer
  3. Hot
  4. Castle House Rag
  5. Maple Leaf Rag themes
  1. a first movie to incorporate sound into a movie
  2. b four distinct, right hand melody plays syncopated rhythms, left hand accompaniement plays regular bass part march like
  3. c performed by James Reese Europe's society orchestra, documents the transition between ragtime and syncopated dance music
  4. d specialized in syncopated jazz arrangements, popular at college dances (Armstrong's hotter than hot)
  5. e all black broadway musical, included jazz influenced songs such as 'Im just wild about Harry', portrayed romantic relationships betwene black characters without degrading stereotypes

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  1. created by Vernon and Irene Castle, danced to WC handy's music
  2. several geographically distinct centers where power, capital, and control over mass media are concerned
  3. first black group to sign a contract with a record company, noted for its superior ability to perform syncopated ragtime and tango arrangements
  4. the banjo, latin american rhythms such as cuban habanera, marching band music, Coon song
  5. a national phenomenon and a powerful shaper of musical taste, contributed to later developments in pop music and jazz

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  1. Mr. Interlocuterlead performer who sand and provided entertainment between acts


  2. Dance fads based on black stylesturkey trot(threat to public morality), the bunny hug, the grizzly bear, and the most popular, the fox trot


  3. Music and IdentityMusic is used to find and express identity, pop music is tied to stereotypes


  4. Player Pianosincluded some combination of violin, guitar, mandolin, and string bass, and sometimes wind instrument, encouraged the addition of instruments that could project over the noise of a crowd


  5. ASCAPdeveloped in Buenos Aires, blended european ballroom dance, cuban habanera, italian light opera, and the ballads... loosened audiences up to provocative dance