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6 Arkansas Ag Mechanics Unit 6: Small Gas Engines Tool ID


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valve grinding tool
spark plug gap feeler guage
spark plug gap wire guage
telescoping gauge - a measuring tool with spring-loaded plunges used together with a micrometer to measure the inside of holes or bores.
ring compressor - a special tool that is specifically designed for compressing the piston rings when a piston is re-installed. ... It is important to lubricate the piston ring compressor as well as the cylinder bore with oil before attempting to push the piston down into the cylinder.
crankshaft - along with the connecting rod the crankshaft converts reciprocating motion of the piston into rotary motion
cylinder - hole precisely machined into the cylinder block to receive the piston (piston moves up and down in the cylinder)
ring expander
spark plug
gasket kit - gaskets assure an air tight seal
pull-start assembly
gas tank
piston rings - complete the seal between the piston and cylinder wall
piston - a sliding cylinder fitting within a cylindrical vessel that receives the force of combusting fuel
connecting rod - connects the piston to the crankshaft and helps in changing reciprocating motion to rotary motion
valve - each cylinder will have one intake valve and one exhaust valve
camshaft - opens the intake and exhaust valves
air filter
fuel filter
torque wrench
flywheel - provides inertia to maintain crankshaft rotation between power stokes and provides smooth engine operation and acts as a fan for engine cooling.
cylinder head - bolts to the top of the cylinder block to seal the combustion chamber, cruchable head gasket assures air tight seal, cooling fins aid in dissipating engine heat, and it has a threaded hole to receive sparkplug.