Terms and names chapter 21 world history

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Thirty Years WarProtestant rebellion against the Holy Roman Empire ends with peace of westpahlia.1618-48) A series of European wars that were partially a Catholic-Protestant religious conflict. It was primarily a batlte between France and their rivals the Hapsburg's, rulers of the Holy Roman Empire.Maria TheresaEmpress of Austria whose main enemy was PrussiaFrederick the GreatPrussian king of the 18th century; attempted to introduce Enlightenment reforms into Germany; built on military and bureaucratic foundations of his predecessors; introduced freedom of religion; increased state control of economy.Seven Years WarFought between France/Russia and Prussia- Frederick kept fighting against heavy odds and was saved when Peter III took Russian throne and called off the war.Ivan the Terrible(1533-1584) earned his nickname for his great acts of cruelty directed toward all those with whom he disagreed, even killing his own son. He became the first ruler to assume the title Czar of all Russia.BoyarRussian noblePeter the GreatThis was the tsar of Russia that Westernized Russia and built up a massive Russian army.Westernizationadoption of western ideas, technology, and cultureCharles I of EnglandEnglish King during the English Civil War is executed by Oliver CromwellEnglish Civil Warcivil war in England between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists under Charles Ioliver cromwellLeader of the RoundheadsRestorationthe action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition.habeas corpusAn order to produce an arrested person before a judge.Glorious RevolutionA reference to the political events of 1688-1689, when James II abdicated his throne and was replaced by his daughter Mary and her husband, Prince William of Orange.Constitutional MonarchyA King or Queen is the official head of state but power is limited by a constitution.cabinetA group of advisers to the president.