What does SSRI stand for?
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Excessive amount and rate of speech composed of fragmented or unrelated ideas?What is flight of ideasA delusional belief that others are putting ideas or thoughts into the clients head, that is, the ideas are not those of the clientWhat is thought insertionlack of emotional response, especially in the faceWhat is flat affect?Laughing at a sad situation?What is an inappropriate affect?Considered to be a normal affect?What is a broad affect?When a client shows a variety of emotions over a short period of time that may be excessive, dramatic, or inappropriate?What is a labile mood?The term describing when two factors do not align?What is incongruent?The outward expression of feelings or emotions>what is affect?Personal view of self?Self-conceptRelationship that is romantic, sexual, dating, cohabitation or spending time with someone that is more than a friend?What are significant relationships?The aspects of ones personality that helps to define their self?Personal qualities or attributes?Reference to ones health and health habits?What is the physical self?The positive aspects of a person?What is personal qualities or attributes?The patient should be this X3?What is orientation.The ability to recall past events?What is memory?Staying focused, paying attention?What is concentration?The ability to make associations or interpretations about a situation or comment?What is abstract thinking?When the client continually gives literal translations>concrete thinkingYou are observing this when you look at your patient head to toe?General appearanceThe patient moves like a turtlePsychomotor retardationIt is important to observe this for unusual patterns, cadence relevance and ability to stay on track>What is speechInvented words that have meaning only for the client?NeologismsMaintenance of posture or positoin over time even when it is awkward or uncomfortable?What is waxy flexibilityWhat you first see when you look at a client?physical appearanceThe way one carry's themselvesWhat is posture>