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Pronunciation: Spartan

SPAR tun

Pronunciation: Gadfly

GAD fly

Pronunciation: Homage

HOM ij

Pronunciation: Spurn


Pronunciation: pedigree

PED uh gree

Pronunciation: Pittance

PIT uns

Pronunciation: Preposterous

prih POS tur us

Pronunciation: macabre

muh KAH bruh

Ponunciation: Farce


Ponunciation: Bombast

BOM bast

Syn: Gadfly

Goad, Critic

Syn: Farce

burlesque, mockery

Syn: Pittance

modicum, trifle

Syn: Spartan

Austere, severe

Syn: Macabre

ghastly, gruesome

Syn: Pedigree

Geneology, ancestory

Syn: Spurn

repudiate, reject

Syn: homage

reverence, respect


grandiloquence, wordiness

Syn: preposterous

ludicrous, ridiculious


Severe, rigorous, disciplined


person who continually annoys others


action showing respect and honor


scornfully refuse or reject


ancestory, or record of ancestory, line of descent


small amount or portion, especially of money


ridiculous, obviously absurd, contrary to reason


gruesome, horrible, causing fear, suggesting the horror of death


Ridiculous, Light comedy; slapstick comedy; absurd thing; mockery


speech or writing that sounds grand or important but has little meaning

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