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RHIT Domain 6

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Clinical documentation policies and procedures should:
a. Dictate the practices and procedures for medical treatment
b. Encompass nationally recognized guidelines
c. Meet all the requirements of physician leaders
d. Be created by and specifically for each organization
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In all positions it is important to develop requirements for employee success to perform their job. For the release information technician position, the statement, "apply policies and procedures for disclosure of health information to process requests with 98% accuracy," would be considered a:
a. Procedure
b. Mission
c. Policy
d. Competency
An audit of the document imaging process reveals that the HIM department staff is scanning 250 pages per hour and indexing 114 pages per hour. If the department is meeting its productivity standard for scanning, but is only meeting 60 percent of the indexing standard, how many more pages per hour must be indexed to meet the indexing standard?
a. 45.6 pages
b. 68.4 pages
c. 76 pages
d. 190 pages