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Wheelock's: Declensions 1st- 2nd Nueter

1st declension, 2nd, declension, 2nd declension nueter, & cases
Nominative; Nom.
subject "the ..."
Genative; Gen.
possession "of the ..."
Dative; Dat.
indirect object "to/ for the ..."
Accusative; Acc.
direct object
Ablative; Abl.
modifies verbs "by/ with/ from ..."
Vocative; Voc.
direct address "O! ..."
1st Nom. Singular
1st Gen. Singular
1st Dat. Singular
1st Acc. Singular
1st Abl. Singular
1st Voc. Singular
1st Nom. Plural
1st Gen. Plural
1st Dat. Plural
1st Acc. Plural
1st Abl. Plural
1st Voc. Plural
2nd Nom. Singular
2nd Gen. Singular
2nd Dat. Singular
2nd Acc. Singular
2nd Abl. Singular
2nd Voc. Singular
2nd Nom. Plural
2nd Gen. Plural
2nd Dat. Plural
2nd Acc. Plural
2nd Abl. Plural
2nd Voc. Plural
N.2nd Nom. Singular
N.2nd Gen. Singular
N.2nd Dat. Singular
N.2nd Acc. Singular
N.2nd Abl. Singular
N.2nd Nom. Plural
N.2nd Gen. Plural
N.2nd Dat. Plural
N.2nd Acc. Plural
N.2nd Abl. Plural