Personal automobile coverages chapter 6

A teenage boy was injured when he rode his motorcycle while living with parents. What is he entitled to under personal injury protection?
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Mom and dad purchased a PAP with medical payment in the amount of $5000 stopped while in an accident, the child was riding in the trailer being pulled behind the vehicle being driven by Dad the following medical bills were insured mom suffered $5500 dad incurred 4500 and child incurred $6500 what is payable?
The FR44 law is for an individual who has been convicted of a what??DUI or DWIHow long may an insured collect under medical payments coverage for treatment after an accident? Three yearsThree yearsUninsured motorist benefits pay the insured for?Bodily Injury ONLY in a not-at-fault accidentNon-economic damages must pierce PIP threshold before one can sue for..pain and suffering; loss of consortiumFlorist shop's owner has 6 vehicles stack UM with 100/300. what is the max the owner can collect if she is injured in a not-at fault accident?$600,000When does the insured NOT have to sign a form in relationship to uninsured motorist?stackedWater causes the insured's car to slide and hit a pole. What coverage would pay for the car's damage?Other than collisionEven though not illegal in most states, what items may appear to be illegal, so the carrier excludes them in order to not promote illegal activities?Radar detectorsAll of the following are considered exclusions under the PA exceptThe car itselfWhat is covered under part D of the auto policy?Permanently installed radioAnother name for transportation expense is what?Rental Reimbursement CoverageCovered territory under PAP includes all EXCEPT:MexicoOther insurance must be exhausted than this policy will apply what is the concept considered?Excess coverageAll of the following qualify for the customize equipment endorsement exceptCars engineIf an individual wants to purchase a PAP but does not own an automobile, what does endorsement provides excess liability and medical payments?Name non-ownerAll of the following are basic rating factors excepthighest level of educationRating factors include all of the following exceptcolor of the insured vehicleWhat is tort immunity?Relieve for persons who have suffered harm from the wrongful act of others follows the vehicle