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set 2 Science words

independent variable
variable that is changed in an experiment
dependent variable
the variable that is measured in an experiment
A value that does not change
a standard against which other conditions can be compared in a scientific experiment
qualatative data
descriptions, rather than numbers
quantative data
Data that can be measured in numbers
idea that explains something and is supported by data
A scientific procedure carried out according to certain guidelines
a summary of the results of the experiment and a statement of how the results relate to the hypothesis
the process of interpretating data from an experiment
x axis
the horizontal line on a graph
y axis
the vertical line on a graph
bar graph
a chart with bars whose lengths are proportional to quantities
pie graph
A graph that best shows part of a whole
Line graph
A graph that uses line segments to show changes that occur over time
data table
a grid that displays the data plotted in a chart