Anatomy and Physiology 1

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As you increase the total magnification of the specimen, the size of the field ________.
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You are looking at a slide of three crossed threads. Yellow is on the bottom, blue is in the middle, and red is on the top. When you rotate the adjustment knob forward (away from you) on your microscope, the stage rises. You move the adjustment knob to focus on the middle thread. As you rotate the adjustment knob forward, which color thread will come into focus next?
Which of the following is not a function of epithelial tissues?bind and supportTwo of the four primary tissue types contain excitable cells, cells that receive stimuli and generate electrical signals. One of these is muscle tissue. Name the other.nervousThis tough, strong, connective tissue is found directly beneath the epithelial tissue of the skin. It is packed with collagen fibers that run in all different directions.dense irregularThis connective tissue looks like very tiny "chicken wire," or many little circlets all pressed closely together.adiposePlease identify this connective tissue cell looks like trees that have been cut across so as to show their many rings.bone (osseous tissue)This connective tissue looks like strands of wavy hair. It is very strong and attaches muscles to bones.dense regularThe most abundant fibers of connective tissues are:collagenThe ____________ plane divides the body into left and right sides.sagittal