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  1. Sonnet
  2. Personification
  3. Primary Source
  4. Narrative
  5. Clarity
  1. a giving human qualities to animals or objects
  2. b clearness in thought or expression
  3. c The telling of a story or an account of an event or series of events.
  4. d a short poem with fourteen lines, usually ten-syllable rhyming lines, divided into two, three, or four sections
  5. e firsthand information about people or events

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  1. a method of doing things
  2. story of a person's life written by another person
  3. in drama, a character speaks alone on stage to allow his/her thoughts and ideas to be conveyed to the audience
  4. two-complete sentences, totally fused
  5. a (usually long) dramatic speech by a single actor

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  1. Ambiguityclearness in thought or expression


  2. Climaxopinion formed before there are grounds for it; prejudice; predilection; partiality


  3. Idioma personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty


  4. Sourceanything that provides inspiration for later work


  5. Generalizationa conclusion that is used to make a broad statement about a topic or person