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Stage 1 - Erikson
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Imagery for Stage 3 of Erikson3 is tree. Holiday Inn behind a tree; quilt around the tree. (Initiative vs. Guilt)Imagery for Stage 4 of Erikson4 is dinosaur. Dinosaur standing on dust; looks inferior. (Industry vs. Inferiority)Imagery for Stage 5 of Erikson5 is dive. Diver dents a car. (Identity vs. Role Confusion)Imagery for Stage 6 of Erikson6 is sticks. Two sticks who love each other; a lone stick. (Intimacy vs. Isolation)Imagery for Stage 7 of Erikson7 is heaven. The lights have gone out; stag is cranking a generator. (Generativity vs. Stagnation)Imagery for Stage 8 of Erikson8 is plate. Grits on a plate; a pear on a plate. (Integrity vs. Despair)Important event/outcome of Stage 1 - Eriksonfeeding/hopeImportant event/outcome of Stage 2 - Eriksontoilet training/willImportant event/outcome of Stage 3 - Eriksonexploration/purposeImportant event/outcome of Stage 4 - Eriksonschool/confidenceImportant event/outcome of Stage 5 - Eriksonsocial relationships/fidelityImportant event/outcome of Stage 6 - Eriksonrelationships/loveImportant event/outcome of Stage 7 - Eriksonwork and parenthood/careImportant event/outcome of Stage 8 - Eriksonreflection/wisdomAge of Stage 1 - EriksonBirth-1 yearAge of Stage 2 - Erikson1-3 yearsAge of Stage 3 - Erikson3-6 yearsAge of Stage 4 - Erikson6-10 yearsAge of Stage 5 - Erikson10-20 yearsAge of Stage 6 - Erikson20-40 yearsAge of Stage 7 - Erikson40-65 yearsAge of Stage 8 - Erikson65-deathStage 1 - PiagetSensorimotor; birth-2 years; Child learns everything through senses Object permanence and stranger anxietyStage 2 - PiagetPreoperational; 2-7 years; development of symbolic thought marked by irreversibility, centration, and egocentrismStage 3 - PiagetConcrete Operational; 7-10 years; Begin to understand conservation and reverse operationsStage 4 - PiagetFormal Operational; 10-20 years; Begin to think abstractly and reason about hypothetical problemsHeart rates - Infant, Toddler, Preschooler, School-Age, Adolescent (is Todd Praying Satan Away)I=80-150; T=70-120; P=65-110; S=60-100; A=55-95Breast fed babies need what supplement?Vitamin DFormula fed babies need what supplement?IronRespiration rates - Infant, Toddler, Preschooler, School-Age, Adolescent (Is Todd Praying Satan Away)I=20-55; T=20-30; P=20-25; S=14-22; A=12-18How to figure body massWeight in mass/ Height in inches X height in inches Times 703Tanner Stage 1 - malePrepubertal - penis, testes, & scrotum are about same size & proportions as early childhood. No pubic hair.Tanner Stage 2 - maleEnlargement of scrotum/testes. Scrotal skin is becoming thinner & skin appears redder due to increased vascularization.Tanner Stage 3 - malePubic Hair- Darker, coarser, curlier hair spreading sparsely over pubic symphysis Penis- Larger, especially in length Testes and scrotum- Further enlargedTanner Stage 4 - malePenis grows in length/breadth. Further darkening of scrotal skin. Testes enlarge.Tanner Stage 5 - maleAdult size/shapeTanner Stage 1 - femaleNo glandular tissue; No pubic hairTanner Stage 2 - femaleBreast bud forms (approx. 10 years); + glandular tissue; + areola widens Small amount of downy hair; + labia pigmentationTanner Stage 3 - femaleBreast elevation at 1st menses; + extends beyond boarders of areola Coarse and curly; + extends laterallyTanner Stage 4 - femaleAreola + papilla = secondary mound; > size; > elevation Adult-like hair; + spares thighsTanner Stage 5 - femaleAdult in type and pattern; inverse triangle. Also on medial thigh surface Thighs not sparedWhen root reflex ends?3 monthsRoot reflexWhen infant's cheek is stroked, the infant turns to that side; searching with mouthSuck reflexReflexive sucking when nipple or finger is placed in infant's mouth.When sucking reflex ends?2-5 monthsMoro reflexWith sudden extension of the head, the arms abduct and move upward and the hands form a "C"When moro reflex ends?4 monthsAsymmetric tonic neckWhile lying supine, extremities are extended on the side of the body to which the head is turned and opposite extremities are flexed fencing positionWhen asymmetric tonic neck ends?4 monthsPalmar graspinfant reflexively grasps when palm is touchedAge when palmar grasp ends?4-6 monthsPlantar graspinfant reflexively grasps with bottom of foot when pressure is applied to plantar surfaceAge when plantar grasp ends?9 monthsBabinski reflexStriking along the lateral aspect of the sole and across the plantar surface results in fanning and hyperextension of the toes.When babinski reflex ends?12 monthsStep reflexWith one foot on a flat surface, the infant puts the other foot down as if to "step"Age that step reflex ends?4-8 weeksNeck rightingNeck keeps head in upright position when body is tilted; protective reflexAge that neck righting begins?4-6 monthsParachute (sideways)Protective extension with the arms when tilted to the side in a supported sitting positionAge that sideways parachute reflex begins?6 monthsParachute (forward) reflexProtective extension with the arms when held up in the air and moved forward. The infant reflexively reaches forward to catch themselvesAge the forward parachute reflex begins?6-7 monthsParachute (backward) reflexProtective extension with the arms when tilted backward.Age the backward parachute reflex begins?9-10 months