Social Studies 5th grade Chapter 4

Social studies chapter 4
Why did Columbus sail west on his first expedition?
To find a shorter route to the Indies.
Why did Columbus make more voyages to the West Indies?
Spain wanted him to start a colony in the West Indies, he delivered people and animals to the new land, The Spanish wanted the riches of the land.
Define the Columbian Exchange?
Moving people and their ways of life between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.
What happened as a result of the Columbian Exchange?
Europeans brought new animals to the Western Hemisphere, Europeans enjoyed new food from the Americas, many Native Americans died from overwork and diseases brought by the Europeans.
How did Columbus's voyages impact the America's?
Columbus showed the Europeans the way to the America's
Describe the factors that enabled Cortex to defeat the Americas
metal armor, muskets, horses and allies
What are the changes the Spanish brought to New Spain?
built a new capital city, converted Indians to Christianity, brought diseases such as smallpox
After Cortes conquered the Aztecs, who conquered the Incan empire?
Which happened first in Spain's search for gold?
Cabeza de Vaca traveled the American Southwest.
What colony was founded after the defeat of the Incan empire?
What happened AFTER Esteban's death in what is now New Mexico?
Coronado continued the search for Cibola.
Sequence the groups in New Spain's colonial society from least to most powerful.
peninsulares, Africans adn Indians, mestizos and creoles
Describe an Indian's life on an ecomienda
They often worked without pay and were expected to become Christians
What was a result of the Spaniards conquering the Indians?
The Indians were converted to Christianity, the Indians were enslaved, The Indians died of overwork
Why did the Spanish landowners want to keep slaves?
They made them rich
What was Las Casa's point of view on Indians in the ecomienda system?
He wanted all slavery to end
How did the Spanish colonies affect Spain?
They made Spain rich and powerful.
What sequence of events led to the Columbian Exchange?
Spain sent Columbus on a westward expedition on which he discovered the Americas. On later expeditions, he brought settlers, animals and other supplies. Spain started New Spain in the Americas.
What impact did Columbus and Vespucci have on the Americas?
Many more Europeans traveled to the Americas, following the lead and routes of Columbus and Vespucci.
How did having Indian allies help Cortes conquer the Aztecs?
Allies helped the Spanish conquistadors communicate, get directions, and obtain food, shelter, supplies and addtional forces to conquer the Aztecs.
Why do archaeologists today find evidence of the ancient Aztec capital right in the center of Mexico City?
Mexico City was built on the ruins of Tenochtitlan, the former Aztec capital.
The Spanish explorers conquered Indian empires to gain land and riches. How do you think the Aztec and Incan people may have felt about these events?
They feared an end to their ways of life and their safety. They saw opportunities to advance and become part of the new culture taking over their land.
What steps were taken to find the kingdom of Cibola?
Cibola was searched for by Esteban, who had traveled with Cabeza de Vaca. After Esteban's death, Coronado continued the unsuccessful search.
What was colonial society like in New Spain?
The society in New Spain was organized by ancestry. Those coming from Spain- peninsulares- had the greatest status and power. Those who had no Spanish blood, like the Indians and Africans, held the lowest position.
How did Spain become one of the most powerful countries in the world in the 1600s?
Spain established colonies and built profitable settlements. The profits fromthe plantations and mines in the colonies helped make Spain one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world.