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sexual dysfunction: women

-more problems with low desire arousal problems and pain
-older you are the less pain during sex
-women have harder time reaching orgasm

sexual dysfunction: men

-stimulation > nerve transmission from brain and makes cyclic GMP > increase blood flow > veins can't carry out > erection
-PDE5 destroys cyclic GMP
-ED: inablility to get/sustain erection
-increased issue with age
-treatments: vacuum pumps, penile implants, shots, gel suppositories in urethra
-viagra was originally for heart patients
-serendipity: term used in science to mean an unexpected finding is useful
-supresses PDE5 enzyme
-side effects: headache, upset stomach, stuffy nose, seeing blue, priapism: an erection doesn't end when sexual stimulation ends (may last for hours but rare)


-in teen years or >39
-rates increased when legalized now dropping

forms of abortion

-D & C: cervix is dilated and embryo is scraped off endometrium
-suction: cervix is dilated and suction tube is used to remove embryo
-RU486: pill is taken that interferes with maintenance of endometrium; blocks progesterone

the pill

-combo of estrogen and progesterone
-stops ovulation (eggs aren't released)

morning after pill

-can up to 72 hours after
-may stop ovulation, or implantation, or stop pregnancy from proceeding

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