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Excel Final Exam

chapter 1-5 in Microsft Excel 2010 Edition
The First step in creating an effective workseet is to make sure you __________.
Understand what is required
In Excel, a number can contain the charaters ________.
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
The cell being copied is called the source area (copy area). The range of cells recieving the copy is called the ________.
receiving range
You ________ a worksheet to emphasize certain entires and make the worksheet easier to read and understand.
Pressing the _________ keyboard shorcut key(s) selects cell A1.
How many chart types does Excel offer?
Which of the following keys is an alternative to double-clicking the cell to edit it?
Which of the following Opton buttons gives options for filling cells following a fill operation?
Auto Fill Options
A ________ cell in Excel has a numerical value of zero.
The ________ AutoComplete list contains those functiond that akohabetically match the letters you type following thr equal sign.
The most popular background color is _______.
________ text often provides a strong visual appeal.
To open the format cells dialog box with the Alignment sheet active, click the Format Cells ________.
Dialog Box Launcher
Which of the following is an extension of the fill patten Sunday, Tuesday?
Thursday, Saturday, Monday
Which of the following formula contains the absolute cell reference?
A(n) _______ chart provides a simple way to show trends and variatons in a range of data whithin a single cell.
The path to the Format Painter button is _______.
Home tab | Clipboard Group
You should use a _______ chart to show the relationship or proportions of parts of a whole.
________ examines the formulas in a workbook in a manner similar to the way the spell checker examines a worknook for misspelled words.
The Fourmula Checker
The data _______ section of a workbook includes data items entered by a user of a worksheet.
A cell _______ often is created from colum or row titles.
Data Table
Which of the following is the path to the Borders button?
Home tab | Font Group
Which of the following is the path to the Name Maneger button?
Formulas tab | Defined Names Group
You can delete a data table by selecting the data table and then _________.
Pressing the DELETE key
When building a worksheet for novice users, you should _________ the cells in the worksheet that you dont want to change, such as cells that contain text or formulas.