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  1. New moon
  2. 29.5 days
  3. Highlands
  4. penumbra
  5. Astronomy
  1. a when the side of the moon facing earth is dark
  2. b the study of moon, stars, and other objects in space
  3. c the larger, less dark part of the shadow
  4. d how many days does it take for a complete moon cycle to take place?
  5. e mountains on the moon

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  1. when the moon's shadow hits Earth or Earth's shadow hits the moon, what occurs?
  2. each of the two days when neither hemisphere is tilted towards or away from the sun
  3. True or false: a day and a year on the moon are the same length
  4. March 21, Daytime is same length as night
  5. a tide with the least distance between high and low tides

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  1. Sun, Earth, Moonwhen the side of the moon facing earth is dark


  2. Daya 24 hour cycle of day and night is called _______?


  3. full moonwhen the side of the moon facing earth is dark


  4. third quarterthe second time you can see half of the sunlit side of the moon


  5. Inertiadark, slat areas formed from hardened rock from lava flows.