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Comprehension Story Questions for Chapters 5-8 of Hatchet

Why does Brian feel that it is not so important that he does not know where he is, but that "they" do not know where he is?

Brian is unable to get out to civilization, and the others do not know where to find him.

What advice has Mr. Perpich, Brian's teacher, given to Brian on attitude?

Be positive and get motivated was the message.

At the end of Chapter 5, Brian realizes that he needs to provide for two needs immediately if he is to survive. What are these 2 needs?

food and shelter

Brian's first attempt at building a fire fails. How does Brian try to start the first fire?

He tried to start a fire by rubbing 2 sticks together.

The site chosen by Brian for his shelter is described as a sideways bowl under a ledge. How does Brian think the bowl has formed?

A glacier had scooped out the bowl-shaped area.

Explain how Brian is led to the berries.

The color, the sounds, and the actions of the birds attracted him to the berries.

When Brian sees his reflection in the water, it frightens him. What does Brian see when he looks at himself?

Brian's face was cut, bleeding, and swollen. His eyes were slits, and he was dirty.

Even though Brian has seen the bear, he feels that it is safe to go back and pick berries. Why?

He feels it's safe because he felt the bear had indicated that it did not mind sharing.

Brian shows that he has become more observant and thoughtful. What does Brian decide from the following observations?
A. The clouds in the sky were scattered; therefore,...
B. It was breezy today, and therefore, there were no....
C. If there was 1 kind of berry, then there must....

A. No rain
B. No mosquitoes
C. Be more berries

After being stuck by the porcupine, what does Brian decide is the most important rule of survival?

He learned that feeling sorry for himself did not work.

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