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Ch 11 - Industrial Revolution


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Industrial Revolution
a time of great change in the way in which Americans made things.
Samuel Slater
English immigrant that brought the idea for using machines in the textile industry.
cloth (usually made from cotton)
Lowell Mills
factories in the town of Lowell, Massachusetts which employed farm girls to work in the textile industry
Interchangeable parts
invented by Eli Whitney. Machine made parts that are all exactly alike. Allowed for easier/cheaper repairs.
Robert Fulton
inventor of the Steam Boat (The Clermont) Made transportation much more efficient (could now travel against river currents)
Samuel Morse
inventor of Morse Code. Also designed a better version of a telegraph which used his code. Greatly improved long range communications.
John Deere
inventor of the light-weight Steel plow (pulled by horse or mule to cultivate ground for planting)
Cyrus McCormick
inventor of the Mechanical Reaper (machine for cutting grain)
Eli Whitney
inventor of the Cotton Gin and Interchangeable parts
Cotton Gin
machine used to clean cotton. Led to an increase in cotton production and an increase in the slave population.
Nat Turner
leader of an infamous slave rebellion
Erie Canal
man made waterway that stretched from Buffalo, New York throughout the Great Lakes and onto Chicago, Illinois. Connected the Mid-West to the nation's largest port (New York City)
strong feeling of pride and devotion to one's country
James Monroe
5th President of the United States
Era of Good Feelings
time of little political disputes. Everyone seemed to be getting along throughout the nation.
devotion to the interests of one geographic region over the interests of the country as a whole
Missouri Compromise
over the issue of slavery in Missouri. It was decided Missouri entered as a slave state and Maine entered as a free state and all states North of the 36th parallel were free states and all South were slave states.
Monroe Doctrine
American foreign policy opposing interference in the Western hemisphere from outside powers