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  1. Pennsylvania
  2. Church of England
  3. Middle Passage
  4. William Penn
  5. Thomas Hooker
  1. a founder of Pennsylvannia; Quaker; helped set up an advertisement to draw people to Quakerism
  2. b the brutal journey of indentured servants, but mostly slaves, from Africa to the colonies; many died and were thrown overboard, but these punishments were justified by the awful settlers
  3. c Puritan minister who led settlers out of Massachusetts Bay to Connecticut because he believed that government officials had too much power
  4. d the church Henry VIII created when he split from Roman Catholicism because of his excommunication; Virginia and other colonies
  5. e a middle colony founded by William Penn and other Quakers; very diverse

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  1. leader of Colonial Virginia; author of "Model of Christian Charity" known for "city upon a hill"
  2. The organization of Powhatan Tribes led by Chief Powhatan. Jamestown colonists, including John Smith, traded with them
  3. a primarily Catholic Chesapeake colony
  4. a system set up by Britain to extract money from all 13 colonies to give back to Britain; small part of the Triangular Trade; placed taxes on colonial goods
  5. a control of colonial trade from American ports to Europe and other regions; imposed by Sir Edmund Andros

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  1. Calvinisma section of Protestantism started by John Calvin; part of the Puritan faith


  2. Salem Witch TrialsThe accusations of witchcraft may have reflected social tensions that found their outlet through an attack on people perceived as outsiders, the Salem witchcraft crisis exposed the dark side of Puritan ideas about women


  3. Roger Williamsleader of Colonial Virginia; author of "Model of Christian Charity" known for "city upon a hill"


  4. Massachusetts Baysub-group of the Puritans who vowed to break completely with the Church of England


  5. Triangular Tradetrade between Africa, Europe, and the New World; includes Middle Passage; helped New England's economy the most


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