Dairy judging 100-150

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100. What mineral is necessary for hemoglobin formation?
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110. In which breed is the incidence of milk fever most common?Jersey111. Dairy heifers need to be bred at ____ of age assuming they are at least 65% of their adult weight at that time.15 months112. When a small metal object punctures the stomach wall and causes an infection, the resulting disease is called _____.Hardware disease113. To dairymen, the most harmful disease impacting milk production and their economic bottom line is:Mastitis115. Colostrum has approximately ___ the calcium as does regular milk.2x114. Parallel milk barns typically have several cows on each side. the cows are arranged in a ____ in this barn.Side by side (head out)116. What do the letters FARAD stand for?Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank117. Heart girth measurements of cows may be used to estimate:Body weight118. If the heat detection rate is 30% and the conception rate is 30%, what is the pregnancy rate?9%119. What is the USDEC?United States Dairy Export Council120. The annual sale of dairy semen exceeds _____ straws.20,000,000121. After insemination, how long do sperm live in the cow's reproductive tract?24 hours122. Feeding bulky feeds during the dry period and gradually bringing fresh cows back on grain are ways to prevent:Displaced abomasum123. Which dairy breeds milk is golden-yellow in color?Guernsey124. The circulatory system of a dairy cow is very important to milk production. A dairy cow must circulate about ____ blood for each pound of milk produced.400 pounds125. At what isoelectric point (point at which proteins have net zero charge) do casseins produce.pH 4.6126. A calf's birth weight is approximately ____% of its' mature weight.5127. Most dairies in texas are considered to be CAFO's. A CAFO is:Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation128. In reference to reproduction, what does CL stand for?Corpus Lutem129. A material used in footbath for cows with foot rot problems is:copper sulfate130. What structural carbohydrate component makes older plants less digestible than younger plants?Lignin131. BST is the acronym for what compound?Bovine Somatotropin132. The major advantage of a "low-line" milk line as compared to the older "high line" is:It has lower vacuum requriment133. Dairy cattle were first successfully cloned in the _______.2000's134. Dairy cows produce milk that is relatively high in B complex vitamins. Because they are ruminants:It is not necessary to supplement the intake of vitamin B complex.135. Abortion in the last trimester of pregnancy is often caused by _______.Brucellosis136. When comparing bulls for artificial insemination, what does "SCR" stand for?Sire Conception Rate137. Manure management is a major concern for most modern, large-scale dairies. The newest management techniques being used involve:Collecting the methane gas being produced and using it as an energy source on the dairy138. What are the four composite indexes calculated by the holstein association?Udder, feet and legs, body form, and dairy character139. What percent non-fiber carbohydrate should a ration contain for high producing cows?35 to 40 percent140. Cows treated with BST typically show an increase in milk production of:10%141. Recent research traits have shown that dairy cows prefer to be milked ______ times/day if they are able to choose.Four or more times142. What does the term freshen mean in relation to dairy production?To give birth143. A dairy cow that has her feet too far forward (under her belly) is said to be:Sickle hocked144. Milk sugars are not very soluble. Some people have difficulty hydrolyzing them in their bodies. This problem is called _______.Lactose Intolerance145. What should the pH of a "close up" Holstein's urine be?Between 6.0 and 6.5146. Milk that is low in SCC has more casein, which is a primary component in ______?Cheese147. What are two methods for shortening udder hair?Clipping and singeing148. Which of the following is the most popular type of cheese in the United States.Cheddar149. When examining feed rations, what do the letters NDF stand for?Neutral Detergent Fiber150. Which of the compartments of a cow's four-compartment stomach acts as the true stomach?Abomasum