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Abase (v)

to reduce or lower in rank or reputation

Ascetic (adj)

practicing restraint as a means of self-discipline

Ascribe (v)

to assign credit to; to attribute to

Aspersion (n)

a curse; an expression of ill-will; suggestion of negative behavior

Aspire (v)

to long for; to aim toward

Capacious (adj)

Very spacious

Capitulate (v)

to surrender

Capricious (adj)

subject to whim; possessing a mind that is easily changed

Captivate (v)

to seize and hold attention

Dogmatic (adj)

aggressively or arrogantly certain

Eloquent (adj)

expressive, articulate, and moving; skilled in speech

Elucidate (v)

to clarify or explain

Forlorn (adj)

lonely, abandoned, and hopeless

Forsake (v)

to give up or renounce

Grandiose (adj)

on a magnificent or exaggerated scale

Gratuitous (adj)

uncalled for; unnecessary; unwarranted; "over the top"

Modulate (v)

to regulate or adjust; to alter one's voice in relationship to the listener; to tone down

Mollify (v)

to soften in temper; to calm or soothe

Munificence (n)

generosity in giving

Mutable (adj)

able to change

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