Chem Vocab- Electron Configuration & Quantum Numbers

Ground State
the lowest energy state
Excited State
A state in which an atom has more energy than it does at its ground state
Pauli Exclusion Principle
No more than 2 electrons can be placed in a single orbital
Hund's Rule
Electrons entering a set of equal-energy orbitals will fill it's single boxes before any electrons are paired
Aufbau Principle
electrons fill orbitals that have the lowest energy first
Noble Gas Configuration
Ex: Mg=[Ne]3s^2
In Quantum numbers, N=?
The Principle quantum number: n=1 is the 1st row on the periodic table
In Quantum numbers, L=?
The Angular momentum quantum number: L=2 means it is a d-orbital
In Quantum numbers, M=?
The Magnetic quantum number.