The Action Potential

the process by which a brief electical impulse transmitts information along the axon of a neuron
action potential
a brief electrical pulse that transmits information along the axon of a neuron
resting potential
state in which a neuron is prepared to activate and communicate it's message if it receives sufficient stimulation; where the inside of the neuron is -70mV more negative than the outside
the level or point at which the action potential will occur; about -40mV inside the neuron
when the neural membranes of the axon become open to Na+ ions, making the inside charge positive
when the K+ ions leave the inside of the axon, making the inside charge negative
Na+ - K+ pump
restores the neuron to resting potential; placing Na+ ions outside and K+ ions back inside
absolute refractory period
neuron cannot fire another action potential regardless of stimulation