reading words 3

12 terms by jbr100

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def to come together with solid impact.
syn. clash
ant. pull apart


def energetically
syn quickly
ant. slowly


def. a large city
syn. city
ant small town


def. fail or desert in a time of need
syn. desert
ant help


def. an associate in a profession
syn, partner
ant N/A


def. give things to others by your will after you pass away
syn give
ant take away


def. a stipulation of conditions or requirements
syn stipulate
ant N/A


def. a very poor person
syn poor person
ant aristocrat


def. a person of the upper class
syn wealthy person
ant pauper


def. very large
syn. enormous
ant tiny


def, hallway
syn hallway
ant N/A


def to become white or pale
syn pale complexion
ant rosy complexion

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