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The Age of Exploration

John Cabot
Explored shores of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Labrador.
Sir Frances Drake
First Engligh explorer to sail to North America. He became a pirate when the spanish sank his ship.
Amerigo Vespucci
Was the first explorer to realize he had found a New World and America is named after him.
Searched for a Northwest Passage.
Jacques Catier
Traveled St. Lawerence River
Samuel de Champlain
Established Quebec, explored the Great LAkes in 1608, and became friends with the Huron Indians.
Father Marquette and Louis Joliet
Explored Northern Mississippi River.
Robert LaSalle
Discovered the mouth of the Mississippi River.
Christopher Columbus
Is given credit for discovering the New World.
Ponce de Leon
Explored Florida in search of the Fountain Of Youth.
Explored American Southeast, Discovered the Mississippi River.
Fransisco Coronado
Set out to find cities of gold, but found Pueblo and Plains Indians instead.
Lief Ericson
Viking explorer who was the first white man to reach mainland Amercia.
Marco Polo
Traveled to west Indies, made men want to travel there through his book.
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Led expedition across Panama and found Pacific Ocean.
Ferdinand Magellan
Commanded first globe circling voyage.
Hernando Cortez
Conquored Aztecs in Mexico.