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  1. Debriefing
  2. Validity
  3. Experiment
  4. Hindsight bias
  5. Representativeness
  1. a A research design characterized by random assignment of participants to conditions and manipulation of an independent variable.
  2. b A heuristic that includes judging the probability of an event by its superficial similarity to a prototype.
  3. c The extent to which a measure assesses what it claims to measure.
  4. d The tendency to overestimate how well we could have successfully forecasted known outcomes.
  5. e A process whereby researchers inform participants what the study was about.

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  1. The group of participants that doesn't receive the manipulation.
  2. The tendency to overestimate our ability to make correct predictions.
  3. A phenomenon in which reasercher's hypotheses lead them to unintentionally bias the outcome of a study.
  4. The middle score in a data set; a measure of central tendency.
  5. A perception of a statistical association between two variables where none exists.

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  1. Response setsAre tendencies of research participants to distort their responses to questionaire items.


  2. Existence proofA demonstration that a given psychological phenomenon can occur.


  3. Naturalistic observationWatching behavior in real-world settings.


  4. Demand characteristicsThe measure of dispersion that takes into account how far each data point is from the mean.


  5. StatisticsAn application of mathematics that describe data.