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  1. Overconfidence
  2. Standard deviation
  3. Experimenter bias effect
  4. Correlational design
  5. Internal validity
  1. a The measure of dispersion that takes into account how far each data point is from the mean.
  2. b The tendency to overestimate our ability to make correct predictions.
  3. c A phenomenon in which reasercher's hypotheses lead them to unintentionally bias the outcome of a study.
  4. d A research design that examines the extent to which two variables are associated.
  5. e The extent to which we can draw cause-and effect inferences from a study.

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  1. An application of mathematics that describe data.
  2. Are tendencies of research participants to distort their responses to questionaire items.
  3. When neither researchers nor participants are aware of who's in the experimental or control group.
  4. The measure of the "central" scores in a data set, or where the group tends to cluster.
  5. A perception of a statistical association between two variables where none exists.

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  1. Peer reviewA process whereby researchers inform participants what the study was about.


  2. AvailabilityThe consistency of a measurement.


  3. ScatterplotA grouping of points on a two-dimensional graph in which each dot represents a single person's data.


  4. Case studyA research design that examines one person or a small number of people in depth, often over an extended time period.


  5. Inferential statisticsThe extent to which we can draw cause-and effect inferences from a study.


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