15 terms

English Literary Terms and Elements

Sequence of events in a literary work.
A Problem or struggle.
Internal Conflict
Character struggles with a problem with him or herself (in mind). Usually involves making a decision.
External Conflict
Character struggles with any outside force.
Establishes setting, identifies characters, introduces basic situation or problem (conflict)
Rising Action
All action that occurs before the climax.
The turning point, or point of highest intensity and or suspense.
Falling Action
All action that occurs after the climax.
Brings the story to an end, resolves the conflict.
Flat Character
One sided often stereo-typical.
Round Character
Fully developed and exhibits many traits often both faults and virtues.
Dynamic Character
One who changes or grows throughout the work.
Static Character
One who does not change in the work.
Direct Characterization
A writer states characteristics and traits.
Indirect Characterization
A writer depends on the reader to draw conclusions about the characters traits, sometimes the writer tell what the other participants in the story say and think about the character.