Government Ch.4

how is the text of the constitution organized?
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Country with the earliest written constitution and the oldest one in continuous useU.S.refers to those who believe the text of the constitution should be followed closelystrict constructionistrefers to those who believe the text of the constitution should be used as a general guideloose constructionista formal means of changing the constitutionamendment processwhat has been the most common method for adding amendments to the constitution?proposed by 2/3's vote in each house and ratified by 1/4 of the state legislaturecollect taxesexpressed and concurrentmaintain armed forcesexpressed and delegateddeclare warexpressed and federalpunish crimesimplied and concurrentcoin moneyexpressed and federalpowers that are set aside for the statesreserved powersthe __ between the national government and the states was spelled out in the bill of rightsdivision of powersrepublican form of governmentrepresentative governmenta congressional act distracting a territory that wants to become a state constitution is calledenabilinga congressional law that agrees to grant statehoodact of admissionthe general term for federal money or resources granted to states or local governmentsgrants-in-aid programsfederal money granted to a state for a specific purposecategorical grantfederal money given to states or other local governments with fewer-than-usual strings attachedblock grantsfederal aid program in place from 1972-1987 in which congress gave a share of federal tax revenue to the statesrevenue sharingfederal money given to private agencies, States, or local governments that apply for itproject grantshow do the states help aid the national government?naturalization processes, voter registration, and capture criminalsact by congress that directs the people of a territory to propose a state constitutionenabling actthe congressional act that actually creates the new stateact of admissiongrants that can be used for broad purpose by state and local governments, with few conditions attachedblock grantgive an example of cooperative federalism that affects youeducation, transportation, job trainingname the agreements the constitution prohibits the states from makingtreaties, alliances, and confederationrefers to the requirement that each state accept the public acts, records and judicial proceeding of other statesfull of faith and creditThis is meant to prevent a fugitive from being able to escape the law just by fleeing to another stateextraditionwhat is the purpose of the privileges and immunities clauseto prevent the unfair favoring of a states residents over the other residents