CIST 1401 Section 4.1-4.4 PQ

Which of the following physical topologies are used with Ethernet networks? (Select two.)
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You have been tasked with designing an Ethernet network. Your client needs to implement a very high-speed network backbone between campus buildings, some of which are around 300 meters apart. Multi-mode fiber optic cabling has already been installed between buildings. Your client has asked that you use the existing cabling. Which Ethernet standard meets these guidelines? (Choose two.)10GBaseSR & 1000BaseSXWhat type of cabling is used with 100BaseTX Fast Ethernet networks?Cat5 or higherWhat topology is used with 100BaseTX Fast Ethernet networks? (Select two.)Physical star/logical bus Physical star/logical starWhich of the following are requirements of the 1000BaseT Ethernet standards? (Select three.)RJ45 connectors Cat5e cabling The cable length must be less than or equal to 100mYou are planning a network for an educational campus. Due to the size of the buildings and the distance between them, you have elected to use 10BaseFL hubs, cabling, and network interface cards. What is the maximum length for the network cable between a workstation and a hub?2000 metersWhich Gigabit Ethernet standard uses multimode fiber optic cabling and supports network segments up to a maximum of 550 meters long?1000BaseSXYou have been tasked with designing a high-speed Ethernet network. Your client's building already has 150-ohm shielded twisted pair (STP) wiring installed. Due to budget constraints, they have asked you to reuse the existing wiring instead of installing new fiber optic cabling. Which Ethernet standard could you implement in this situation?1000BaseCXWhich Gigabit Ethernet standard can support long network segments up to a maximum of 5 km when used with single-mode fiber optic cable?1000BaseLXYou would like to implement 10 Gbps Ethernet over a distance of 1 kilometer or greater. Which of the following would be the minimum requirement for the implementation? (Select two.)10GBaseLR & single-mode fiberYou need to transfer data from one laptop to another, and you would like to use an Ethernet cable. You do not have a hub or a switch. Which type of cable should you use?CrossoverYou want to connect the LAN port on a router to the uplink port on a switch. The switch does not support auto-MDI. Which type of cable should you use?CrossoverYou need to connect two switches using their uplink ports. The switches do not support auto-MDI. Which type of cable should you use?CrossoverYou need to connect a workstation to a switch using a regular port on the switch (not an uplink port). The switch does not support auto-MDI. Which type of cable should you use?Straight-throughYou have purchased a new router that you need to configure. You need to connect a workstation to the router's console port to complete the configuration tasks. Which type of cable would you most likely use?RolloverWhich of the following connectors is typically used on one end of a rollover cable?SerialWhich of the following standards is typically used in a rollover cable?RS232You are implementing a SOHO network for a local business. The ISP has already installed and connected a cable modem in the business. The business has four computers that need to communicate with each other and the internet. The ISP's cable modem has only one RJ45 port. You need to set up the network within the following parameters: You must spend as little money as possible. You must not purchase unnecessary equipment. Computers need to have a gigabit connection to the network. New devices should not require management or configuration. You examine each computer and notice only one of the four computers has a wireless NIC; they all have Ethernet NICs. What should you purchase?An unmanaged switch and Cat5e cablingYou want to create a rollover cable that has an RJ45 connector on both ends. How should you connect the wires within the connectors?Connect pin 1 to pin 8, pin 2 to pin 7, pin 3 to pin 6, and pin 4 to pin 5.Users are complaining that sometimes network communications are slow. You use a protocol analyzer and find that packets are being corrupted as they pass through a switch. You also notice that this only seems to happen when the elevator is running. What should you do?Install shielded cables near the elevator.You have a network connected using a physical bus topology. One of the cables that connects a workstation to the bus breaks. Which of the following best describes what effect this will have on network communications?No devices will be able to communicate.You have a network connected using a physical star topology. One of the drop cables connecting a workstation has been removed. Which of the following best describes what affect this will have on network communications?All devices will be able to communicate, except the device connected with the drop cable .You have a network connected using a full physical mesh topology. The link between device A and device B is broken. Which of the following best describes what affect this will have on network communications?Device A will be able to communicate with all other devices.During a network infrastructure upgrade, you have replaced two 10 Mbps hubs with switches and upgraded from Category 3 UTP cable to Category 5e. During the process, you accidentally cut the Cat 5e patch cable that stretches from the network printer to the upgraded switch. What is the impact on the network?All network nodes except the printer will be available.You have just connected four new computer systems to an Ethernet switch using spare patch cables. After the installation, only three systems are able to access the network. You verify all client network settings and replace the network card in the failed system. The client is still unable to access the network. Which of the following might you suspect is the real cause of the problem?Failed patch cableYou are moving a client to a new location within an Ethernet network. Previous to the move, the client system did not have difficulty accessing the network. During the relocation, you attach patch cables from the client system to the wall jack and from the patch panel to the switch. Once connected, you do not get a link light on the network card or the switch. You swap out the cable running between the patch panel and the switch with a known working one, but you still cannot connect. Which of the following might you suspect is the problem?Failed patch cable between the client system and the wall jackUpon conducting a visual inspection of the server room, you see that a switch displays LED collision lights that are continually lit. You check the LED on the corresponding workstation and see that it is flashing rapidly even though it is not sending or receiving network traffic at that time. What is the cause of the network collisions?Faulty network cardA user from the sales department calls to report that he is experiencing problems connecting to the sales file server. All users in the sales department connect to the sales server through a single Ethernet switch. No other users have reported problems connecting to the sales server. Which of the following troubleshooting actions are you most likely to perform first?Replace the network card in the user's computer.You are creating an Ethernet network for your company. The shipping department is located in a different building that is located 150 meters from the main wiring closet. You connect a single Cat 6a cable to connect the wiring closet to the shipping building. Which of the following should you include in your plan?RepeaterAngela is the network administrator for a rapidly growing company with a 100BaseT network. Users have recently complained about slow file transfers. While checking network traffic, Angela discovers a high number of collisions. Which connectivity device would best reduce the number of collisions and allow future growth?Switch