bisc 130 test 3

In a bacterium that is in an enviroment with no glucose but lactose is present will the lac operon be expressed?
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Which of the following RNA types will be translated?mRNAWhat signals for the termination of transcript?A hair pin of DNA upstream a geneThe promoter is...A region of DNA upstream of a geneThe enzymes complex RNA polymerase is responsible for carrying out the process of?transcriptionThe special codons, the start and stop codons...signal for the start and stop of translationThe genetic code is degenerate. this means that...most amino acids are encoded by multiple codonsThe genetic code is based around codons, which are?sequences of 3 Nucleotidesthe Central dogma of molecular biology states that, in living systems, information flowsDNA -> RNA -> proteinsWhich of the following is NOT true of the enzyme photolyase and thymine dimers?Thotolyase cuts out and removes DNA containing thymine dimersThe DNA excision repair pathway...specializes in repair of damage caused by thymine dimersa mutation is...a stable change in the DNA sequenceWhich of the following is NOT true of the enzyme telomerase?it creates sequences of DNA that do not code for anythingduring typical round of bacterial DNA replication, how many replisomes would you expect to see in a single?2Okazaki fragments can be found in....the lagging strandDuring the DNA replication , RNA primers are removed and new DNA is synthesized in the resulting gab by...DNA polymerase Iwhat is the root cause of the semi discontinuous nature of DNA replicationDNA polymerase can only synthesize DNA in the 5'->3' directionDuring DNA replication, RNA primers are synthesized by...primaseDuring DNA replication, unwinding of the DNA double helix is accomplished by...helicaseDuring DNA replication, Okazaki fragments are covalently linked to one another by...ligaseThe mechanism of DNA replication is best described as beingsemi conservativelooking at a figure DNA in a textbook, you see that one strand in the double helix is labeled as running, from left to right, 3+ -> 5+. therefore, the complementary strand should be labeled (from left to right)running 5' -> 3'Nucleotides are connected to one another by...connecting the 5' phosphate of one to the 3+ OH of the otherWhich of the following is unique to meiosis II and does not occur in meiosis I or mitosis?No DNA replication beforehandWhich of the following is unique to meiosis I and does not occur in meiosis II or mitosis?Genetic recombination aka CrossoverThe cells that are result of meiosis II could be described as being...HaploidDuring Telophase I...Chromosomes de-condense and the nuclear envelope reforms.during prophase I...synapsis occursduring metaphase Ichromosomes align at the center of the cell in random fashionDurinf sexual reproduction in animals, an egg and a sperm meet and fuse to for a zygote. this zygote could be described as being...diploidRas is a protein that causes cells to grow and divide but only if they recieve an external signal. If the gene for Ras becomes mutated, Ras could become Dysfunctional and all the cell to divide in an uncontrolled fashion. the gene for normal, unmutated ras is therefore a...Proto- oncogeneRetinoblastoma protein is a protein that inhibits the cell cycle if DNA is damaged. In doing so, it prevents cells with mutations from arising. Retinoblastoma protein is therefore a....Tumor suppressor proteinA the G1/S checkpoint, cells check to make sure?they have enough energy to proceed through the cell cycleG(0) phase isresting phase for cells and is not part of cell cylceDuring prometaphasemicrotubules attach to chromosomes at the kinetochoresduring telophasechromosomes de condense and the nuclear envelope reformsduring metaphasechromosomes align at the center of the cellWhich of the following correctly describes the order of evens in mitosis?Prophase, Prometaphase, Metaphase, Anaphase, TelophaseDuring the G1, S, and g2 phases of the eukaryotic cell cycle are collectively referred to as....interphase