End of chapter 44 questions

A nurse assessing a patient with HF would expect to find which of the following:
-Cardiac arrest
-Congestion of blood vessels
-An MI
-A pulmonary embolism
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A nurse is preparing to administer a prescribed cardiotonic drug to a patient based on the understanding that this group of drugs act in which way?
-They block the sympathetic nervous system.
-They block the renin-angiotensin system.
-They block the parasympathetic influence on the heart muscle.
-They affect intracellular calcium levels in the heart muscle.
A nurse is about to administer Lanoxin to a patient whose apical pulse is 48 beats/min. She should:
-give the drug and notify the prescriber that the heart rate is low.
-retake the pulse in 15 minutes and give the drug if the pulse has not changed.
-retake the pulse in 1 hour and withhold the drug if the pulse is still less than 60 beats/min.
-withhold the drug and notify the prescriber that the heart rate is below 60 beats/min.
Before giving digoxin to an infant, the nurse should:
-notify the prescriber that the dose is about to be given and recheck the ordered dose.
-check the apical pulse and have another nurse double-check the dose.
-make sure that the infant has eaten, has a full stomach, and has been given an antacid.
-check the apical pulse and give the drug very slowly.