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Micro Lab Quiz for weeks 1-4


ability of microscope to stay in focus form one objective to another

Total magnification

ocular x objective


ability of the microscope to distinguish b/w tow separate points

wet mount

slide preparation of liquid suspension covered with a coverslip

simple stain

staining that uses one stain


no true nucleus
smaller than eukaryote
less comples


protozoa, fungus, animals
membrane bound organelles
unicellular or multicellular

What is the function of a condenser?

condenses light to form a solid beam that focuses on specimen

What is the fuction of the ocular lens?

magnifies 10 x

What is the function of the objective lens?

magnifies 4x, 10x, 40x or 100x

What is the function of the diaphragm?

controls light to condenser

Is the protozoon euglena a prokaryote or eukaryote?


Is a bactium a prokaryote or eukaryote?


List 2 differences b/w a wet mount and a simple stain

-wet mount uses a slide cover and we view something alive
-simple stains use an oil and we kill everything with heat fix

aseptic technique

-procedure done to reduce contamination
-ex. flaming a loop, washing hands, keeping the lid on an agar plate

differential stain

-staining procedures that uses more than one stain
-ex. gram stain

streak plate

-method using sample of bacteria to be spread out over a surface
-goal: isolate colonies

Gram Stain Reactions

Positive: purple
Negitive: pink

Bacterial Arrangements:

chains: cocci or bacilli
clusters:cocci only
pairs: cocci only
random: bacilli only

Gram reaction:
Shape/ Morphology:

Gram reaction: positive
Shape/ Morphology: rods
Arrangement: chain

E. coli
Gram reaction:
Shape/ Morphology:

Gram reaction: negitive
Shape/ Morphology: rods
Arrangement: random

Gram reaction:
Shape/ Morphology:

Gram reaction: positive
Shape/ Morphology: cocci
Arrangement: clusters

Complex agar

-non selective media that contains a variety of ingredientswith no set formula
-Base for most agars
-Contains nutrients to grow most bacteria
-Ex. Nutrient agar (NA), Tryptic Soy agar (TSA)

Enriched Agar

Complex agar enriched with other ingredients

Selective Agar

-Complex agar with an added ingredient to inhibit one type of organism while another type grows
-Ex. MAC (Selective for gram negative rods), MSA Selective for gpc (Staphylococcus species)

Differential Agar

-BAP can differentiate between bacteria that can hemolyze the red cells (break the red cells)
-Causes a clearing around the colony

TSA will grow:

gram positive & gram negitive bacteria

NA will grow:

gram positive & gram negitive bacteria

BAP will grow:

gram positive & gram negitive bacteria

MAC will grow

gram negitive bacteria

Lactose fermenters will grow:

pink colonies

MSA will grow

gram positive bacteria

Mannitol fermenters will grow:

yellow colonies


sum total of all reactions in the cell

Strict aerobe

organisms that require oxygen in order to grow.

Facultative anaerobe

organisms that use aerobic respiration when oxygen is present and fermentation when oxygen is absent. These organisms grow with and without oxygen.

Strict anaerobe

organisms that cannot grow in the presence of oxygen


process of breaking down large molecules into smaller units that can be used by the organism. Energy is released in the process.


metabolic reactions that convert energy contained in nutrients into ATP without oxygen

What environment is created when the mineral oil is added?


Is Pseudomonas an oxidizer and/or fermenter?
What type of bacteria is it?

strict aerobic

Is E. coli an oxidizer and/or fermenter?
What type of bacteria is it?

oxidizer and fermenter
facultative anaerobic

What is the jar called that produces an anaerobic environment?

Gas- Pack anaerobic jar

What type of bacteria can grow in an anaerobic environment?

strict anaerobe and facilitative anaerobe

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