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the study of the interactions in an ecosystem

abiotic factors

nonliving things found in an ecosystem

biotic factors

organisms that make up the living part of an ecosystem


made up of organisms interacting with one another and with the nonliving parts of the system


largest ecosystem on Earth where organisms can live

biotic factors

bacteria, mosses, mushrooms, snakes, plants, birds, worms

abiotic factors

soil, temperature, water, sunlight

examples of ecosystems

deserts, mountains, rivers, oceans, lakes, forests

Ecosystems are always changing. True or False



a group of the same type of organisms living in the same place at the same time


all the populations that live in an area

limiting factors

things that limit the size of a population (examples, amount of rainfall or food)


the role of an organism in an ecosystem


the place where an organism lives out its life

endangered species

a species that has so few living members that the entire species may become extinct

threatened species

species that still requires protection, but is not in immediate danger of becoming extinct


an organism that makes its own food (ex. plant)


an organism that eats other organisms


an organism that eats dead organisms and the waste material of other organisms

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