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You are a project manager for your organization. Management has asked you to help determine which projects should be selected for implementation. In a project selection model, which of the following is the most important factor?

A. Business needs
B. Type of constraints
C. Budget
D. Schedule
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Beth is the project manager of a software development project. She and her project team are done with a phase and Beth needs to make certain the lessons-learned register is complete before moving the project onto the next phase. On any project, the lessons-learned document is created by which of the following?

A. Customers
B. Project sponsor
C. Project team
D. Stakeholders
Your project is moving ahead of schedule. Management elects to incorporate additional quality testing into the project to improve the quality and acceptability of the project deliverable. This is an example of which one of the following?

A. Scope creep
B. Change control
C. Quality assurance
D. Integrated change control
You are the project manager of a new website design project. There are 45 stakeholders with this project and you are anticipating change requests in the project. Which of the following is not true about change requests?

A. They happen while the project work is being done
B. They always require additional funding
C. They must be documented
D. They can be requested by a stakeholder
working on a project for a new drug your company is creating. A recent change in a law governing drug testing will change your project scope. Since the project must be completed within two years, what's the first thing you should do as project manager?

A. Create a documented change request
B. Proceed as planned, since the project will be grandfathered beyond the new change in the law
C. Consult with the project sponsor and stakeholders
D. Stop all project work until the issue is resolved