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God of love; wings, arrows; Roman name is Cupid; Valentine's Day
God of the Titans; sickles; Roman is Saturn; planet, Titanic; "Chrono"=time (Chronological)
God of the gods, weather, sky; eagle, thunderbolt; Roman name is Jupiter; planet, character in video games, Olympics
Mother earth; earth; Roman name is Terra; Earth Day, the root "terra" means land
Sky; cape with stars; Roman name Caelus; planet;
The time before Earth
Human shaped giants who became the first gods and goddesses
Titan's Revolt
Mother Earth encouraged the Titans to rebel, led by Cronus
Zeus's revenge
A fierce battle where Zeus freed the Cyclopes who made thunderbolts for him and where the New Gods, or Olympians were victorious
Goddess of beauty and love; roman name is Venus; dove, mirror, magic belt; planet and razor beauty product
God of the underworld and wealth; roman name is Pluto; helmet of invisibility, staff, Cerberus(3 headed dog- "Fluffy" in HP), ebony throne; planet; superstitions
God of the sea, earthquakes and horses; Roman name is Neptune; trident, robe, dolphins, bull; planet, Little Mermaid's (Ariel) dad
Goddess of marriage, childbirth and women; roman name is Juno; queen of the gods, peacock feathers; feathers are supposed to be the "eye of Hera," month of June
God of archery, music and prophecy; Apollo; bow/arrow, sun, hawk; missions to the moon; sun god and his twin is Artemis
The Muses
Nine goddesses of art, science and music; job was to inspire; word "Music" and we use this if someone greatly inspires us
Goddess of rainbow, messenger; pitcher, staff, winged; flower and eye
God of travel and thieves, messenger; Roman name is Mercury; staff; planet, caduceus, track symbol, Good Year symbol
The Fates
Three goddesses in charge of your life: Clotho (spinner) Lachesis ( determined length) Atropos (cut); scissors, spindle, thread, scroll; psychics, "fate" or "destiny"
Zeus's siblings
Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hera, Hestia
Goddess of harvest and seasons; Roman name is Ceres; tall and long blonde hair; cereal
Goddess of spring and the underworld; Demeter's daughter who was kidnapped by Hades; flowers/pale and sad
Mortal woman who challenged Athena to a weaving contest; lost and was turned into a spider; 'arachnid'= spider -- arachnophobia
Goddess of wisdom, arts, war (strategy); Roman name is Minerva; armor, shield with Medusa's head; capital of Greece is Athens, her temple is the Acropolis; Lady Justice is modeled after Athena, HP character Professor McGonagall
God of metalwork and fire; Roman name is Vulcan; hammer, ax, anvil, tongs; volcanoes and Star Trek - Spock is a Vulcan
Created by Hephaestus and given a jar by Zeus that had all the bad things of the world in it; she opened and released them all but kept hope; first woman; "Pandora's box" - phrase we still use, Pandora music, Pandora jewelry
Amazons (Hippolyta)
Warrior women; Hippolyta was the queen; bows spears, very tall; Amazon Rainforest and river, Hippolyta=Wonder Women
Half man-half bull; terrorized Crete so King Minos had Daedalus make the labyrinth; Theseus killed it
Goddess of childbirth, hunting, women and moon; Diana; bow and arrow, deer, bear; she plays a part in Orion's story and he's a constellation now, Temple to Artemis is considered one of the wonders of the world
9 headed monster that can grow back x2; poisonous breath; water serpent; hydra=water (hydrate, dehydrated, hydrochloric acid, hydraulics)
Titan of astronomy; holds the sky away from the Earth; Roman name is Atlan; book of maps
Goddess of hearth, fire, home; most important to mortals; Roman name is Vesta; vestibule= entryway into your home; Olympic torch is an honor to her; shown usually with a torch
God of war (violence); Roman name is Mars; helmet, spear and armor, dog/vulture, chariot with four horses; planet
Mortal who turned into a Gorgon (they can turn people to stone by looking at them); teeth and tongue hanging out of mouth, snakes for hair; she and Athena were enemies; medusae = poisonous jellyfish
God of nature; head and body of human/legs, horns, ears and beard of goat (satyr); panic, panpipe; Roman name is Fauna (our word for all animals)
God of wine and song (party god); roman name is Bacchus; sewed in Zeus's leg;
God of beauty; horse with wings; lots of logos (Tristar)
The Furies
Hunt and punish criminals; bat wings, black robes, blood-dripping eyes; Charlie's Angels (3 bounty hunting women), bloodhound breed of dog
The Sirens
Enchanted song lured in sailors; women with body and wings of bird but human head (sometimes like a mermaid); salamander called the Siren lacertina, Starbucks logo; other myths are like this

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